European Union Integrations: Raising Quality and Reforms Are A Must

By , 02 Jun 2018, 12:15 PM Politics
European Union Integrations: Raising Quality and Reforms Are A Must Copyrights: Government of Montenegro

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June 02, 2018 - Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, visited the Office for European Integration and had a conversation with the Chief Negotiator of Montenegro and the European Union, mister Aleksandar Drljevic, as well as with his deputies, Ivan Glisevic-Djurovic and Miodrag Radovic. Among these participants, Minister of Public Administration, Suzana Pribilovic, also attended the meeting. The officials discussed the aspect of European Union integration, while Prime Minister Markovic concluded that he expects regular and efficient monitoring of the realization of Montenegrin obligation to further improve the process of European Union integration, by maintaining more responsible relations between different segments of the government.

“Our key policy is to raise the quality of the EU integration process. Reforms should be brought to an end. There is a serious job ahead of you,” noted Prime Minister Markovic.

He also said that the realization of Montenegrin obligations in front of the European Union agenda must be an unquestionable priority for all segments of the government to successfully implement the process of integration of Montenegro into the European Union within the stipulated deadline. Markovic expressed a need for efficient coordination of the Office of the Chief Negotiator of Montenegro with all segments of the public administration.

At the meeting, the Montenegrin integration process was analyzed and intensely discussed among participants. It was concluded that Montenegro successfully responds to the challenges, but it was also estimated that it is necessary to make active steps regarding the time frame and the quality of the process itself, for which the new negotiating structure is a reasonable basis.

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