Montenegro and Croatia: Mutual Cooperation of Police is Key

By , 31 May 2018, 00:21 AM Politics
Montenegro and Croatia: Mutual Cooperation of Police is Key Copyrights: Government of Montenegro

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May 30, 2018 - Montenegrin and Croatian Ministers of Interior, Mevludin Nuhodzic and Davor Bozinovic, met in Zagreb for a mutual discussion in the fields of national security and police. These two officials noted that the two neighboring and friendly countries cooperate perfectly at the daily operational level, which should further yield concrete results, and that the cooperation in the future should be strengthened even more with the aim to meet the new challenges, especially mass migration.

“Cooperation between the ministries of interior and police of Montenegro and Croatia is at an excellent level. Cooperation of the border and criminal police on a daily basis has resulted in operational actions related to drug trafficking,” said Minister Nuhodzic in Zagreb, at the end of his first official visit to Croatia.

Minister Nuhodzic also mentioned that at the meeting they discussed deepening and further enhanced cooperation in the sector of global concerns, such as migration and radicalism.

“Our cooperation so far promises that we will respond positively to all these challenges, both on a global and local level, where local challenges stand for ones that are of concern in Montenegro and Croatia. Regarding this, we especially have illegal migration in focus,“ said Minister of Interior of Montenegro.

Minister of Interior of Croatia, Davor Bozinovic confirmed that illegal migration is a global concern and added that there is an absolute increase in illegal migrants coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina via Albania, Montenegro, and Serbia.

“Migration is a global challenge that at this moment is a great concern for the entire European Union, also including Southeast Europe. The fact is that this year we recorded an increase in the migration movement from Turkey to Greece with more than 18 thousand people, which generally burdened reception capacities. Part of these migrants are finding their way to the Western Balkan migration route,” said Minister of Interior of Croatia, Bozinovic.

At the conclusion, Minister Nuhodzic thanked the host for the assistance of the Republic of Croatia to Montenegro in the process of European integration, while the host announced the continuation of such practice.

“In the new Enlargement Strategy, the European Union has defined the issue of security and migration as one of the priority areas of cooperation with the countries of Southeast Europe. We are ready to help Montenegro precisely to meet these conditions because by helping Montenegro and Albania, we are at the same time helping both the European Union and Croatia. Among the candidates for membership of the European Union, the package of measures proposed in the new Enlargement Strategy envisages strengthening the capacities of the border police, harmonization with the European Union’s legal acquis in the field of migration, asylum and visa, strengthening of reception capacities, more consistent implementation of the readmission agreement as well as the conclusion of status agreements with Frontex,” concluded Minister Davor Bozinovic.

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