Mutual Projects with Vrbas Will Maintain the Montenegrin Community

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Improving the economic cooperation and joint projects with businesspeople from Vojvodina is the best way to maintain the Montenegrin community and raise the quality of life in that region, said the president of Chamber of Commerce (PKCG), Vlastimir Golubović.

May 21, 2018 - During the visit of the Montenegrin delegation to Vrbas, Golubović met with the President of the Municipality, Milan Glusac, with whom he discussed the position of the numerous Montenegrin communities in Vrbas and economic issues. The consul of Montenegro in Vojvodina, Miodrag Kankaras, also participated in the conversation.

Golubovic said that the visits of the Montenegrin delegation to Vrbas and Vojvodina always carry a unique symbolism and obligation to express respect and gratitude for everything they have created and what was left to the future generations as an inheritance from the Montenegrin emigrants. According to him, the Economic Chambers of Montenegro and Vojvodina are actively working on the promotion, but also on the identification, and therefore are eliminating the problems that limit the development of economic cooperation, adding that the same can be inherited especially in the fields of agriculture, tourism, and the wood industry.

"There is a great opportunity for our companies considering the development of the agricultural and food industry in Vojvodina, as well as the quality and attractiveness of the products that exist in the range of producers from Montenegro. Our commitment is to integrate a series of individual cooperation impulses in this area into serious projects that Europe would be willing to support financially," said Golubovic. Glusac recalled that this municipality was the third in growth in the former Yugoslavia and that large business systems from that period are functioning even today, such as Carnex and Medela.

"Cooperation with PKCG is traditionally excellent, as with some Montenegrin companies, and these meetings are always a chance to confirm this and to present business entities from both countries that can establish cooperation that would lead to their market expansion and employment of additional workers," said Glusac.

The meeting was attended by the representative of Luka Bar (Zarija Franović), Jadroagent (Vojo Banović), Plantaze (Verica Maraš), Stadium (Vojin Žugić), who talked about the possibilities of cooperation with the businesspeople from Vrbas and placing their products on the Montenegrin markets, and they also presented their high-quality products.

After the meeting in the Municipality of Vrbas, the Montenegrin delegation visited the National Council of the Montenegrin minority in Serbia, where they became familiar with the work of this organization and the challenges facing the Montenegrin diaspora in Bačka.


In Lovcenac in Vojvodina, they also celebrated the Independence Day on the 21st of May, in the presence of the Montenegrin delegation, businesspeople, representatives of the ministries and the local government led by Golubovic.

A vibrant art program was organized by the Cultural-Educational Center "Princess Ksenija" on the plateau in front of the busts of Petar II Petrovic Njegos and King Nikola.

"Everyone who carries Montenegro in the heart, feels the greatest gratitude and longing for the Montenegrin community in Vojvodina, which inherits the unique culture of memories of our people and throughout generations conveys the original Montenegrin system of values and way of life," said Golubovic. He noted that the Montenegrins in Vojvodina have not only built their identity based on the past but have the potential and the willingness to bring their rich heritage into the new goals that the future requires. The businesspeople, as he added, agree that with this year's donation they will again help the cultural center in Lovcenac.

The publicist and researcher of the Montenegrin Diaspora, Nenad Stevović, said that Lovcenac is the personification of the Montenegrin Diaspora.

"It lives today, like other places of this size in Vojvodina, harder than before. It is always important to emphasize the commitment of Lovćenac citizens to their native land, and today, when the Association Krstas and Cultural-Educational Society "Princeza Ksenija" marks the day of Montenegro's independence, it means a lot that we have hosted a delegation of businesspeople who participated at the International Fair in Novi Sad," stated Stevovic.

The Executive Director in the Port of Bar, Zarija Franović, said that Lovćenac is a beautiful place in Vojvodina that inherits the tradition of Montenegro, which is shown by the cultural and artistic program.

He said that May 21st is a historic date for all the citizens in Montenegro when, as he said, they have renewed statehood in a culturally and democratic way after a long time.

Text by Mina business, on May 21st, 2018, read more at CdM

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