15 Mar 2018, 10:40 AM

The president of the Montenegrin parliament emphasized the significance of friendly relationships and mutual trust for collaboration in all areas, primarily economic, where there is plenty more space for strengthening the foreign-trade exchange.

14 Mar 2018, 09:53 AM

The professor at the Faculty of Economy, former vice-president of the Government and Minister of European Integration, Gordana Djurovic has declined the offer by the prime minister Dusko Markovic to directly become the leader of European integrations for Montenegro, but expressed her readiness to assist the Government from her role as a professor and expert in European integration procedures.

13 Mar 2018, 09:16 AM

Bojanic said that all citizens in Montenegro would be given a chance to get to know all relevant details during the campaign in order to make the right decision

13 Mar 2018, 09:09 AM

Elections in Podgorica will be held on the 27th of May, as CdM unofficially found out.

11 Mar 2018, 22:52 PM

Participation in international missions is professionally challenging for the members of the Montenegrin Military forces and represents an opportunity to prepare themselves for a multi-national environment engagement and to exchange experiences with colleagues from other countries’ armed forces in realistic conditions.

11 Mar 2018, 22:41 PM

Former Minister of Defense and one-time president of the Democratic party of Socialists Milica Pejanovic-Djurisic has the biggest chance, together with the leader of DPS Milo Djukanovic, to be this party’s candidate for president of Montenegro. 

10 Mar 2018, 14:00 PM

"CEMI supports and encourages this applicative solution, which enables citizens to check if their signature and ID number have been distorted for the sake of certain political candidate."

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