COVID-19 in Montenegro: Health and Travel Update, August 12, 2020

By , 12 Aug 2020, 18:23 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: Health and Travel Update, August 12, 2020 Illustration, Source: Shutterstock
August 12, 2020 - Laboratories of the Institute of Public Health have completed PCR analysis of 460 samples for the new coronavirus since the last section, among which 65 new cases of COVID-19 infection were detected. The total number of active COVID-19 cases in Montenegro is currently 1102.

New COVID-19 positives samples were sent for testing from the following municipalities:

Niksic 19
Podgorica 15
Bijelo Polje 9
Rožaje 8
Berane 6
Ulcinj 3
Bar 1
Mojkovac 1
Budva 1
Herceg Novi 1
Cetinje 1
In the last 24 hours, two deaths were reported to the Institute of patients from Podgorica and Nikšić, born in 1943 and 1945. They were treated at the Clinical Center of Montenegro and the General Hospital Nikšić. Since the beginning of the first wave of the epidemic, 73 patients in Montenegro have died from COVID-19 infection.
The recovery of 80 patients has been reported.
Since the beginning of the year, the number of registered cases of infection with the new coronavirus is 3813.

Clinical Center: 54 COVID-19 positive employees since mid-March

The Clinical Center has shown excellent results in implementing preventive measures against COVID-19 infection within the institution, said Dr. Slavko Savović, epidemiologist at the Department of Hospital Epidemiology within the Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG).
Savović stated that health workers are among the population's high risk groups. 
"Since the beginning of the epidemic in Montenegro, infection has been confirmed in 54 KCCG employees - 14 doctors, 30 nurses/technicians, and ten auxiliary / non-medical workers. Most of them had either minimal symptoms or no symptoms. The good thing is that there have been no deaths among KCCG employees."
Savović said that since the beginning of the infections, treatment had been organized at the Infectious Diseases Clinic and the Clinic for Infectious Diseases. Out of 54 infected workers, only seven of them were infected at work, which means that protection has been adequately implemented.
"It is imperative for every health worker to consistently implement the measures prescribed by the Institute of Public Health and NKT, because only in that way can he protect himself from others, and also others from himself." 
Savović explained the activities and importance of the Department of Hospital Epidemiology, formed four years ago.
"The Department for Hospital Epidemiology, which provides daily professional assistance to doctors, participates in researching contacts of those infected, as well as providing all other epidemiological activities. Thanks to good organization and cooperation, all the clinics' work went without major delays, and all organizational units functioned continuously," concluded Savović.

CCE: The SEC must comply with counter- COVID-19 measures

The Center for Civic Education (CCE) called on the NKT, the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro and the Government of Montenegro to publicly condemn violations of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and ensure adequate sanctions for the State Election Commission (SEC). For the SEC, as they point out, the rules must apply as for other institutions.
"Colleague Damir Suljević, as an observer, is following today's session of the SEC. He pointed out the violation of NKT measures because there were over 20 people in the hall, and suggested that the NKT should be asked for instructions on how to continue the SEC's work since their meetings are not political rallies. This means that there can be no more than 20 people in the hall. We are concerned that the SEC continues to violate the Constitution, law, and NKT measures, and this undermines its credibility and further calls into question the legitimacy of the elections." CCE notes.

According to the new decision, Montenegrin citizens still cannot travel to Greece

In the interest of public health protection, Greece extended the ban on the arrival of citizens of most countries, including Montenegro, until August 31, the MIA agency from Athens reported today.
The ban was extended by a joint decision of the ministers of civil protection, health, and interior and published in the Official Gazette of Greece.
The previous, identical decision remains in force until August 14, and the new, extended decision will take effect on Saturday.

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