COVID-19 in Montenegro: Health and Travel Update, August 1, 2020

By , 01 Aug 2020, 17:44 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: Health and Travel Update, August 1, 2020 Illustration, Source: Shutterstock

August 1, 2020 - The laboratories of the Institute of Public Health completed PCR analysis of 990 samples for the new coronavirus yesterday and today, among which 125 results were positive. Yesterday, 39 new patients were registered, and today 86. The total number of active cases of COVID19 in Montenegro is currently 1855.

In the same period, another 288 people recovered, and two deaths were reported. These were COVID-19 patients from Berane and Danilovgrad.

The total number of deaths related to COVID-19 since mid-June is 41 and since the beginning of the year 50. The total number of recoveries since the beginning of the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, on June 14, is 978.

Since the beginning of the year, the number of registered cases of infection from the new coronavirus is 3198.

Number of active COVID-19 cases by municipality:

Podgorica 844
Niksic 176
Bijelo Polje 157
Bar 110
Berane 107
Budva 100
Kotor 75
Pljevlja 75
Cetinje 60
Herceg Novi 32
Tivat 31
Ulcinj 20
Rožaje 17
Andrijevica 12
Plužine 9
Gusinje 7
Plav 6
Mojkovac 5
Tuzi 4
Zabljak 3
Petnjica 2
Kolasin 2
Danilovgrad 1
Šavnik 0

Clinical Centre: Four COVID-19 patients with a severe clinical picture

At the Clinical Center of Montenegro, 29 patients with confirmed coronavirus infection are currently being treated. There are 12 patients in the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, 16 in the Internal Clinic, and one in the Clinic for Orthopedics and Traumatology.

"Sixteen patients are in the Internal Medicine Clinic, ten of whom are being treated in the Semi-Intensive Unit, two of whom are in non-invasive ventilation. Six patients are being treated in the Intensive Care Unit, one of whom is on mechanical ventilation, while two are on non-invasive ventilation, and three are on high oxygen flow support," the Clinical Centre of Montenegro reports.

Self-isolation requirement to be shortened from 21 to 14 days

Montenegro will shorten the time of self-isolation of COVID19 positive patients from 21 to 14 days. Many countries in the region and beyond have done the same, Dr. Senad Begić from the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro stated to CdM.

He says the contagious period for asymptomatic cases is even shorter - which is finally some good news for all public health workers.

"Taking into account this scientific knowledge, the latest recommendations of the American Center for Disease Prevention from July 27 predict that infected patients without symptoms can leave isolation after only ten days without a control examination. However, the recommendations do not apply to patients who have symptoms and are in self-isolation or receiving hospital treatment. In any case, isolation and recovery for all patients must last at least 14 days," said Begic.

Passenger traffic to Croatia is not free, but neither is it blocked

Croatian Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said that the country was extending measures to ban border crossings to third countries, including Montenegro.

He explained that it does not mean a blockade of borders, reports Indeks.
"There are certain exceptions under which one can enter, and above all transit through the Republic of Croatia. However, given the neighborhood's epidemiological situation, there was no basis for mitigation measures related to crossing the Croatian state border," said the Croatian Minister.

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