COVID-19 in Montenegro: 2020 Active Cases, Update July 30, 2020

By , 30 Jul 2020, 21:00 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: 2020 Active Cases, Update July 30, 2020 Illustration, Source: Shutterstock

July 30, 2020 - Laboratories of the Institute of Public Health have completed PCR analysis of 513 samples for the new coronavirus since the last sampling, among which 57 results were positive. There are currently 2,020 active COVID-19 cases in Montenegro.

Most of the new infections are from Podgorica, a total of thirty. Another 11 COVID-19 cases were recorded in Bijelo Polje, three in Nikšić and Bar, two in Kotor, Cetinje, and Rožaje, and one each in Andrijevica, Danilovgrad, Budva, and Petnjica.

One death was reported in a patient from Bijelo Polje treated at the General Hospital in Berane. Since the beginning of June, the total number of confirmed deaths is 39. Since the beginning of the first wave of the COVID-19 epidemic the total is 48.

Seventy-four patients have recovered from the infection, so beginning from June 14, 690 people have recovered.

Since the beginning of the year, the number of registered cases of infection with the new coronavirus is 3,073.

In Podgorica and Berane, 14 COVID-19 patients have a severe clinical picture

The Clinical Center of Montenegro is currently treating 32 patients in whom the presence of coronavirus has been confirmed. There are 16 patients in the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, 14 in the Internal Clinic, five of which are in the Intensive Care Unit, and two in the Clinic for Orthopedics and Traumatology.

In the Internal Clinic, one patient is connected to mechanical and two to non-invasive ventilation and six have a severe clinical picture.

Sixty-three COVID-19 positive patients are being treated at the Berane General Hospital.

"Yesterday, one patient died, aged 81, who had more comorbidities," the statement said.

A total of eight patients have a severe clinical picture, and four are on non-invasive ventilation.

Official: Montenegrin citizens cannot go to EU countries until further notice

Montenegro, as well as the countries of the region, is not on the updated list of the Council of the European Union when it comes to countries for which travel restrictions should be lifted.

According to the recommendation, EU members should gradually remove travel restrictions at the external borders for residents of the following countries from July 31: Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay, while China is subject to confirm reciprocity.

According to the EU Council, residents of Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican should be considered EU residents for the purposes of this recommendation.

When it comes to the criteria for opening borders, the EU recommends that the number of new COVID-19 cases during the last 14 days and per 100,000 inhabitants is close to or below the EU average. Other indicators are a stable or declining trend of new cases during this period compared to the previous 14 days, as well as the overall response to COVID-19, taking into account available information, including aspects such as testing, surveillance, contact tracking, retention, treatment, and reporting, as well as the reliability of the data.

EU citizens and members of their families and residents of EU countries and their families are exempt from these rules.

Journalists support IPH and WHO campaign: "Save Us"

Journalists from several national television stations have supported the Institute of Public Health and World Health Organization initiative "Save Us," which appeals to people who are being tested or are positive for coronavirus to report their contacts.

The initiative was supported by Radomir Kračković from Vijesti Television, Nebojša Skenderi and Dijana Dukaj from RTCG, Milica Pavićević from Prva TV, Mirjana Maja Popović from Nova M, Jelka Malović - TV 7, as well as Milica Minić from A1 Television.

"Save us" is part of the broader campaign #DistanceHandMask, which aims to promote the importance of respect for measures, solidarity, and collective responsibility in combating the epidemic of the new coronavirus in Montenegro," said the Institute of Public Health.

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