COVID-19 in Montenegro: 1861 Active Cases, 95 New, Update July 20, 2020

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COVID-19 in Montenegro: 1861 Active Cases, 95 New, Update July 20, 2020 Illustration, Source: Opština Tivat

July 20, 2020 - In the last 24 hours, 95 new patients infected with coronavirus have been registered in Montenegro, and 1,861 cases of COVID-19 are currently active in the country. New cases were detected by analysis of 614 PCR tests and were recorded in Podgorica 37, Bar 12, Kotor 11, Budva 8, Pljevlja 6, Bijelo Polje 5, Herceg Novi 4, Berane 3, Niksic 2, Rozaje 2, Cetinje 1, and Ulcinj 1.

In the past 24 hours, three patients have died from COVID-19. One patient was born in 1951, and the other in 1970 - it was reported at the press conference of the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NKT), by the Director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, Jevto Eraković. Immediately after the press conference, information arrived that another patient had died, but no more details were announced.

Two cases of recoveries from COVID-19 in Podgorica were also reported. The total number of recoveries since June 14 is 72. The total number of active COVID-19 patients in Montenegro is 1861.

Assistant Director of the Institute of Public Health, Dr. Senad Begić, said that 724 cases of coronavirus were active in Podgorica, in Rožaje 239, Bijelo Polje 177, Nikšić 119, Berane 90, Budva 80, Kotor 79, Bar 78, Pljevlja 70. Other municipalities, as he said, have fewer than 70 active cases.

161 COVID-19 patients hospitalized

One hundred sixty-one covid-positive patients are currently hospitalized in Montenegro, 28 of them at the Clinical Center of Montenegro. Seventeen patients in the Infectious Diseases Clinic are in stable condition. Eight patients are at the Internal Medicine Clinic, three of whom are on a respirator, in a life-threatening condition.

The Clinical Center of Montenegro has expanded its capacities for COVID-19 patients, and as of today, the health center has 28 more beds.

At the General Hospital in Berane, 47 patients infected with coronavirus are being treated. Four patients are in a serious condition, one of whom is on a respirator.

About 90 children have contracted the new coronavirus in Montenegro. These are cases with a milder clinical picture or asymptomatic. There are currently three patients, up to the age of nine, at the Institute for Children's Diseases, including a 10-month-old baby who is asymptomatic. They are all in a stable condition..

One thousand eighty-six new COVID-19 cases registered today in the region

In the region, the largest number of active patients with COVID-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants is registered in Montenegro, followed by Northern Macedonia and Kosovo. In Montenegro, there are 295 active cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, in Northern Macedonia 190, in Kosovo 145. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 138 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants were registered, in Albania 59, in Croatia 28 and Slovenia 12. On the official website today, data on the number of active cases were not published, but only on the number of covid-related  hospitalizations in Serbia. The review for the number of active cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in the region therefore does not provide data for the current number of active cases in Serbia.

The largest number of hospitalizations per 100 thousand inhabitants is registered in Serbia, followed by Kosovo and Montenegro. In Serbia, 68 patients are hospitalized per 100 thousand, in Kosovo 31, and Montenegro 26. In Northern Macedonia, 20 hospitalized per 100 thousand inhabitants were registered, in Croatia four, and Slovenia one.

In the region, the highest number of coronavirus infections related to the number of inhabitants is registered in Northern Macedonia, followed by Montenegro and Serbia.

The highest mortality rate is in Slovenia, 5.79 percent, Northern Macedonia 4.67 percent, followed by Croatia with 2.79 percent and BiH with 2.73 percent. Albania's death rate is 2.71 percent, Kosovo 2.37 percent, Serbia 2.27 percent, and Montenegro 1.53 percent.

In Montenegro, the highest percentage of COVID-19 patients is in Rozaje

In Montenegro, by municipality, the most significant number of actively ill per ten thousand inhabitants was registered in Rožaje - 104, in second place is Gusinje with 102. In Budva, 42 active covid cases per ten thousand inhabitants were recorded, in Podgorica 39, in Bijelo Polje and Cetinje 38 each, Kotor 35, Tivat 27, Berane 26, Pljevlja 23, Petnjica 20, Bar 19, Niksic 16. In Herceg Novi, there are 15 registered active patients per ten thousand inhabitants, Ulcinj nine, Zabljak six, Danilovgrad and Tuzi four, Andrijevica two, and Kolasin one.

Three employees infected, Municipality of Herceg Novi suspends work with clients

In the Municipality of Herceg Novi, COVID-19 has been confirmed in three employees, and the local authority has temporarily suspended its client-facing work. The Municipality has suggested to the public that they fulfill their requests via e-mail, telephone contact, or the Civic Bureau.

In Herceg Novi, about 300 people are under epidemiological monitoring.

There are currently 175 people in quarantine isolation in part of the Institute, and there is currently no more space available.

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