COVID-19 in Montenegro: 116 New, 1771 Active Cases, Update July 19, 2020

By , 19 Jul 2020, 22:36 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: 116 New, 1771 Active Cases, Update July 19, 2020 Illustration, Source: Institute of Public Health of Montenegro

July 19. 2020 - The largest number of new COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the first wave of the epidemic was registered in Montenegro today. The Institute of Public Health detected 116 new patients infected with coronavirus in a sample of 701 tests.

The new patients are from Podgorica 40, Nikšić 32, Herceg Novi 10, Kotor 10, Bar 7, Budva 6, Rožaje 6, Berane 3, Danilovgrad 1, and Cetinje 1.

Two more COVID-19 patients were admitted to hospital, one from Podgorica and the other from Bar. The total number of confirmed deaths from COVID-19 since the beginning of June is 23. Seven recovered were also reported - three from Danilovgrad and four from Podgorica. The total number of patients who have recovered since June 14 is 70. The total number of active cases of COVID19 in Montenegro is 1771.

The number of COVID-19 cases by municipality:

Podgorica 692
Rozaje 237
Bijelo Polje 172
Nikšić 117
Berane 87
Budva 72
Kotor 68
Bar 66
Pljevlja 64
Cetinje 62
Herceg Novi 41
Tivat 35
Ulcinj 17
Gusinje 17
Petnjica 11
Danilovgrad 7
Tuzi 2
Žabljak 2
Andrijevica 1
Kolasin 1
Mojkovac 0
Plav 0
Pluzine 0
Šavnik 0

10 COVID-19 patients in a life-threatening condition

In the Clinical Center of Montenegro, four patients are in a life-threatening condition and connected to a respirator, while in the Berane hospital, five people are in a life-threatening condition.

The Clinical Center is currently treating 25 patients in whom a COVID-19 presence has been confirmed.

As for Berane hospital, 62 patients have been hospitalized with confirmed COVID-19, of which five were in a life-threatening condition.

At the General Hospital in Nikšić, 36 patients with COVID-19 have been hospitalized, one of whom was in a life-threatening condition, said the Director of the health institution, Ilija Ašanin. He said that 29 patients are in the Infectious Diseases Department and seven in Psychiatry.

"One patient is in a life-threatening condition, the others are stable for now," said Ašanin, emphasizing that Niksić hospital has 55 beds for COVID-19 patients and 25 in the psychiatric ward for coronavirus patients. According to him, the hospital can respond to a possible increase in the number of sick patients who need hospital care.

Counter- COVID-19 measures for Nikšić and Cetinje as for Podgorica

Due to the epidemiological situation in Cetinje and Nikšić and the worrying upward trend in the number of active cases of COVID19, from midnight, the temporary measures as in Podgorica are being introduced.
1) Protective masks indoors and outdoors and on transportation;
2) Gathering of citizens in open public places with a maximum of 40 people, and indoors with a maximum of 20 people;
3) In catering facilities: maximum of two people at the table inside, and 4 in a garden or on a terrace, no self-service or standing at bars, min 2m distance between tables;
4) In fitness centers and gyms, max one person per 10 m2, no more than 20 persons at any one time.

The measures will be applied for seven days after which their application may be extended.

Galic: COVID-19 patients hide people they have been in contact with

Hiding the people with whom the infected have been in contact can only create an even bigger problem, epidemiologist Dr. Igor Galic told TVCG.
Galic states that people do not want to report their contacts, thinking that they are protecting them. He says that in that way, connections are damaged because it can happen that people do not have symptoms but carry the infection and infect others.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crises, 6,116 people have lost their jobs

Since the introduction of the first measures to prevent coronavirus spread, 6,116 people have lost their jobs since March, according to data from the Employment Service. Most of them are craftsmen and workers in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Caterers are also complaining about the massive drop in profits, and they too are afraid that they will have to lay off workers. The Union of Free Trade Unions says that we will only feel the real consequences of COVID-19 in the autumn, after a lost tourist season.

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