COVID-19 in Montenegro: 1522 Active Cases, Update July 15, 2020

By , 15 Jul 2020, 18:59 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: 1522 Active Cases, Update July 15, 2020 Illustration, Source: Shutterstock

July 15, 2020 - In the last 24 hours, 375 samples of the new coronavirus were analyzed in Montenegro, and the COVID-19 infection was confirmed in another 78 patients, the Institute of Public Health announced. New cases are from Podgorica 48, Nikšić 11, Herceg Novi 7, Pljevlja 3, Kotor 2, Berane 2, Bar 2, Bijelo Polje 1, Cetinje 1, and Rožaje 1. Most of the new cases arre contacts of previously-registered COVID-19 patients.

The total number of confirmed deaths since the beginning of June is 16. Nine more patients have recovered from COVID-19, increasing their total number to 42. The number of active COVID19 cases in Montenegro is currently 1522.

COVID-19 in the maternity ward of Clinical Center

Director of the Internal Clinic of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, Dr. Sreten Kavarić, said at the press conference that some doctors in the maternity ward have tested positive for coronavirus.

"The information that these doctors are in self-isolation at home is true. They are stable," Dr. Kavaric said.

121 COVID-19 patients in hospitals

"There are 29 patients in the Clinical Center. Two of them are on mechanical ventilation, one stable, and the other in critical condition. There is also one child who was admitted to the hospital due to acute appendicitis. The child is doing well, "said Dr. Kavarić.

Testing on COVID-19 at personal request put aside

Assistant Director of the Institute for Public Health, Dr. Senad Begić, said that the Institute "has recommended that travels outside the country's borders should be delayed."

"All capacities are engaged in preventing the disease from spreading. Testing at personal request will be put aside since this represents neither epidemic nor clinical indication or urgency. Sometimes, some tough decisions need to be made" Dr. Begic pointed out.

Begic about fireworks

Speakng about the fireworks organized to celebrate 13 July, Dr. Begić pointed out that any mass gathering "represents a risk."

"We need to understand that we must forget about some things, we must postpone some things. Any mass gathering is dangerous," Dr. Begic said.

If the public does not follow counter- COVID-19 measures, Podgorica will be locked down soon

The Mayor of Podgorica, Ivan Vukovic, addressed his fellow citizens with a video message. He appealed that respecting the counter- COVID-19 measures is everyone's obligation, to suppress the spread of coronavirus and prevent the introduction of restrictive measures such as closing Podgorica, restricting movement and stopping economic activities.

A session of the Operational Team for Protection and Rescue was held today on the current epidemiological situation in Podgorica.

"To date, we have 553 active cases of coronavirus infection in Podgorica. It is a figure that is frightening that we all have to think about, and it is a number that must be a wake-up call," Vukovic emphasized.

"If this trend continues, the day will come soon when we will have to close Podgorica and return to the regime from a few months ago. I think that none of us wants that," said Vukovic, convinced that people will hear his message "by adhering to the measures in force and making us all proud again of ourselves, of our state and society, as we were three months ago."

Sources: PCNEN, CDM

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