COVID-19 in Montenegro: Health and Travel Update, July 5, 2020

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COVID-19 in Montenegro: Health and Travel Update, July 5, 2020 Great Britain, United Arab Emirates and Canada Citizens to Enter Montenegro Without Quarantine, Source: Institute of Public Heath

July 5, 2020 - In the last 24 hours, the laboratories of the Institute of Public Health have carried out  PCR analysis of 450 samples for the new coronavirus, among which COVID-19 infection was recorded in 61 cases. These are patients from Rožaje 28, Bijelo Polje 9, Podgorica 7, Budva 5, Bar 3, Cetinje 3, Kotor 3, Pljevlja 2, Nikšić 1.

"Out of 61 newly discovered COVID-19 cases, 46 are contacts of previously confirmed cases, in 14 patients the source of infection is as yet unknown, and one case is imported. Since the beginning of June, the number of registered cases is 457, with five deaths, and the number of active cases is 452," it was announced from the Institute of Public Health.

Active COVID-19 cases by municipality:

Rozaje 126
Podgorica 118
Bijelo Polje 53
Berane 28
Budva 2
Pljevlja 18
Bar 17
Gusinje 14
Cetinje 12
Tivat 8
Danilovgrad 8
Niksic 8
Petnjica 7
Kotor 6
Herceg Novi 6
Ulcinj 4
Tuzi 2
Andrijevica 1

Fifth death from COVID-19 since mid-June

A seventy-four-year-old patient from Rožaje passed away last night in the Intensive Care Unit of the Internal Clinic as a result of COVID-19 infection, the Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG) announced.

"At the Clinical Center of Montenegro, 31 patients are currently being treated in whom the presence of the COVID-19 virus has been confirmed, of which nine are in the Semi-Intensive Unit, and one in a life-threatening condition it the Intensive Care Unit," the KCCG said.

Kavarić: The increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Podgorica is worrying

The epidemiological situation and the increase in the number of patients in Podgorica are worrying, says the Director of the Podgorica Health Center, Dr. Nebojsa Kavaric.

If the public does not behave responsibly and reduce their daily commitments, Kavarić says that he will propose to the NCT the introduction of additional measures for the area of ​​Podgorica.

"We will propose this to prevent further escalation of the number of patients, which could jeopardize the functionality of the health system," said Kavarić. The option of closing the capital is still on the table if the need arises.

"It is within the domain of the epidemiological service. It remains for us to appeal to the citizens to behave in a disciplined manner. Visiting cafes and restaurants is recommended only when necessary, with recommendations that apply to all other closed facilities, such as wearing a mask, distancing and washing your hands. These are three simple instructions that mean a lot and reduce the chain of transmission to practically zero. We all know that that the public does not necessarily adhere to these rules, "claims Kavarić.

Considering the current daily shift in the epidemiological situation and the increased number of patients, the Health Center Podgorica will intensify the work of the COVID-19 center in Tološi.

"We ask people to be responsible and patient in keeping their distance while waiting for the COVID-19 center examination. And it is worth mentioning once again to wear a mask in the facilities of the Health Center. I would appeal to the public to reduce regular health needs in other parts of the Health Center to what is really necessary, and to utilize online systems whre available. All the facilities of the Health Center are still functioning. In accordance with the unfolding situation in the area of ​​the Capital, the public will be informed in a timely manner if facilities are relocated, "concluded the Director of the Podgorica Health Center, Dr. Nebojsa Kavaric.

As a member of the Crisis Medical Team, Dr. Kavarić will stay in Rožaje for the next seven days, thus helping the Health Center implement the recommendations of the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases.

From tomorrow, arrival from Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates and Canada is possible without quarantine

The Institute of Public Health has updated the list of countries from which it is possible to enter Montenegro. The news is that from tomorrow, passengers from the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada will be able to enter the country with a PCR, ELISA, or ECLIA test. Arrival from Serbia is still not possible without quarantine.

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