COVID-19 in Montenegro - 335 Active Cases, One New Death, Update July 3, 2020

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COVID-19 in Montenegro - 335 Active Cases, One New Death, Update July 3, 2020 Shutterstock

The laboratories of the Institute of Public Health (IJZCG) have analysed 475 samples for the new coronavirus in the last 24 hours, among which 47 results were positive.

These are patients from Rožaje (17), Podgorica (16), Tivat (5), Danilovgrad (2), Budva (1), Petnjica (1), Andrijevica (1), Bar (1), Herceg Novi (1), Cetinje (1), and Nikšić (1).

Of the 47 new cases, 28 are contacts of previously-confirmed cases, whereas the source of the infection is still being traced in 17 of the patients.

One death has been recorded, of a patient from Rožaje, born 1953. This is the thirteenth death since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. From 1st June a total of 339 cases have been registered, with four deaths and therefore 335 active cases," an IJZCG report states.

Active COVID-19 cases by municipality:

Rožaje 94,

Podgorica 92, 

Berane 28, 

Bijelo Polje 19, 

Budva 16, 

Gusinje 14, 

Bar 12, 

Pljevlja 10, 

Tivat 8, 

Cetinje 8, 

Danilovgrad 8, 

Nikšić 6, 

Petnjica 6, 

Ulcinj 4, 

Herceg Novi 4, 

Kotor 3, 

Tuzi 2 

Andrijevica 1.

54 COVID-19 Patients Hospitalized

54 people with Covid-19 have been hospitalized in Montenegro, of which 18 are currently at the Clinical Center of Montenegro.

The head of the crisis medical staff, Ranko Lazović, said that four patients were on oxygen, and one in a life-threatening condition on a respirator. He said that the health system has the situation under control.

Lazovic added that 86 medics are in self-isolation due to coronavirus.

He stated at the beginning of the conference that in the first wave of the epidemic all measures were adopted well. The first cluster in the second wave, as he said, was registered in Rozaje.

"Montenegro is small, (the virus) immediately spreads to neighboring municipalities. And the second cluster has its source in the football match attended by several irresponsible individuals, "said Lazović.

Lazović assessed that a large number of individuals adhere to the measures, but that one can also see non-compliance with orders and measures on a daily basis.

"We are forced to solve the consequences, we cannot solve the cause," Lazovic said.

He reiterated that the number of patients is increasing day by day.

High Fines for Non-Compliance with COVID-19 Non-Proliferation Measures

 Legislation on Amendments to the Law on the Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases was published and has entered into force, which prescribes high fines for non-compliance with measures to protect against the spread of COVID19.


€ 2,000 - 20,000 for a legal entity,

€ 200 - 2,000 for the responsible person in the legal entity and

€ 350 - 6,000 for an entrepreneur if he/she:

Does not ensure respect for maintaining distancing measures

Does not provide the required personal protective equipment - masks, etc. to employees.

Allows a person without a protective mask to enter shops, restaurants, tourism facilities, casinos, craft shops, construction sites, public transport and employee transport, state administration bodies and local self-government, etc.

Does not disinfect a facility or vehicle.

In addition to the penalty for a violation, a legal entity and an entrepreneur may be imposed a protective measure of PROHIBITION of carrying out activities for up to six months.

 Penalties for violating the counter- COVID-19 measure:

€ 100 - 2,000 for each individual if he/she:

Does not adhere to physical distance

Do not use a mask and other prescribed protective equipment

Enters the building without a protective mask, where it compulsory to do so

NKT Recommends Working from Home

The National Coordination Body recommends that public administration, companies and institutions organize work from home.

 “In accordance with the current epidemiological situation, we recommend that state and local administration, public institutions and companies and organizations organize work from home as much as possible,” the NKT announced.

 Counter-COVID-19 Measures in Sport

The National Coordination Body for the Fight against Infectious Diseases has adopted new measures in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, which are related to the field of sports, the Montenegrin Football Federation (FSCG) announced.

After a long time, unfortunately, the coronavirus has caught up with sporting events, and not just football.

Basketball players, members of our national teams, who are preparing in Tivat and Bijelo Polje, have been tested for coronavirus.

The tests were also undergone by members of the professional staff of all three of the national teams - women's, men's youth and seniors, as only a few days ago they were in contact with the head of the association, who tested positive for Covid-19.

The test results are as yet unknown, although no-one has symptoms, and training is continuing as normal.

The basketball players have been on mini-summer preparations since 22nd June.

Sports competitions in Montenegro that are already underway are continuing for now, and the FSCG has announced new measures introduced by the National Coordination Body.

"All football clubs in Montenegro are obliged to organize training and competitive matches in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health and in compliance with all measures adopted at the session of the National Coordination Body," the FSCG said.

 The following measures related to sports were adopted at the NCT session:

- Training of professional, amateur and recreational athletes and sports competitions in indoor and outdoor sports facilities are organized without spectators.

- Compulsory disinfection of equipment used for training, competitions and tournaments, as well as items that are used jointly by athletes, in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health.

- Respect for personal hygiene measures - regular hand hygiene, before and after any sporting activity.

Mobile Platform for Tracking Tourists

The government has decided to set up a mobile platform and web portal to monitor the movements of foreign tourists and the potential spread of the coronavirus in Montenegro.

The information that was adopted yesterday at the virtual session of Government states that the agreement on the establishment of the platform was signed by the representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, NTO, the Chamber of Commerce (PKCG) and the Institute of Public Health, reports Pobjeda.

The platform will cost 60,000 euros - of which the ministry will provide 40,000 euros, and ten thousand will be provided each by NTO and PKCG.

"The goal is to enable foreign tourists to feel safe and secure, isolate potential new hotspots in hotels and accommodation as soon as possible,  to maintain records of locations where foreign tourists stay - relying in part on a monitoring system that has already been developed. It will also provide the representatives of the Institute of Public Health an easy way to contact all persons suspected of being infected in the event of a new outbreak, and for foreign tourists, regardless of language barriers, a centralized channel for reporting any observed anomalies, and where needed contact with the consular mission of their country," Government information states.

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