NKT Measures Driven by Epidemiological or Political Reasons?

By , 26 Jun 2020, 13:13 PM News
NKT Measures Driven by Epidemiological or Political Reasons? National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases, Source: Government of Montenegro
June 26, 2020 - The National Coordination Body has decided yesterday to ban political and religious gatherings in open public places. While the Institute of Public Health claims reasons for that leys only in epidemiological purposes, the significant part of society finds the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases plays as a political instrument on the hands of a corrupted system in the arms of the ruling party.

The SNP considers NKT's behavior scandalous.

The Socialist People's Party considers scandalous the behavior of the NKT, which, instead of doing its job, gives itself the right to provide "full support to the police" and its behavior towards citizens in Budva and other cities. 
As they add in the statement, in this way, they took over the role of both the Government and the Assembly, which is shameful and scandalous.
"Even before, the citizens knew that all institutions were in the political hands of the DPS, now they are convinced that this is both this and such a body," they say in the SNP.
They state that they have always argued that it is not a National Coordination Body, but a political one, which uses the profession for the DPS election campaign, and that there are not only epidemiological but also political motives in making their decisions.
"Yesterday's assessment of the police's actions is just proof that this body does not intend to deal with what it was founded for, but marketing and promoting the Government. And the little trust they had with Montenegrin citizens, they lost with this act. We witness that one rule applies to representatives of the opposition and the faithful people, and the other to members and officials of the DPS. We cannot help but wonder what the point of ordinary citizens respecting the measures when they are not adhered to by leading politicians in the country! NKT decides to ban gatherings in the open is. At the same time, they can be held indoors? " the SNP said in a statement.
"DPS and NKT are afraid of religious gatherings, as well as Budva and the dissatisfaction of the people! It is crystal clear to them that their political end is in sight, and that no crown can save them," they say from the SNP.
The SNP believes that the DPS list for the elections can be freely called the "NKT list" because they are members of this political body from the DPS electoral lists, which have now become their main hopes.

Gojko Perović: NKT is a dangerous toy in the hands of politicians

"The national coordination body is a dangerous toy in the hands of politicians who do not know about dialogue," said the rector of the Cetinje seminary, Gojko Perovic, in a statement submitted to "Vijesti."
He believes that since the very beginning of the coronavirus epidemic in Montenegro, NKT has not had the slightest degree of understanding for the spiritual needs of people.
"We do not have a state of emergency, nor do we respect the Constitution and laws - we are already moving in the fog of arbitrary assessments of those who are not guided by profession, but by their party affiliation. Doctors at NKT and they hurried to support the beating of the people under the direction of the same police command. Here we now read that these same people condemn their colleagues who stood for peace and prayer rallies. ", said Perović.
Last night, the NKT, among other things, banned religious gatherings in open public places, except in areas that belong to religious buildings.
Perovic reminds that nightclubs "with hundreds of people in basements" work, as well as construction sites and shopping malls. "So a lot of people from different sides who see each other for the first time, in one" place - and they can do it all! And a group of people in the open air, who pray to God, and who know each other less - because they are believers who go to church regularly - cannot do that. These are the methods of the medieval inquisition, not a professional and competent body, "he added.
The body that should coordinate us, as Perović said, unfortunately, confuses us from day to day with its selective application of the law and the absence of clear criteria.
"The church will not be the one to break the law and regulations. We pray against evil and disease and do everything we can to get past them. We sincerely believe that God hears our prayers. We remain united with our people around our shrines. We despise political abuse of health, which can be seen from every peak of Montenegro ", concluded Perović.

Mugoša: Political reasons do not drive the new NKT measures

The director of the Institute of Public Health (IPH), Boban Mugoša, said that the new measures of the National Coordination Body (NCC) were not politically motivated, nor were they adopted due to religious gatherings organized by the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral of the Serbian Ortodox Church. 
Last night, the NKT, among other things, banned religious gatherings in open public places, except in areas that belong to religious buildings.
Commenting on public speculation that last night's NKT measures were adopted for political reasons, Mugoša said that they were guided solely by epidemiological purposes.
"These measures that have been adopted have nothing to do with politics, nor with various other things, starting from religion. It is an epidemiological measure to prevent the spread of the virus in the population," Mugoša explained in a guest appearance on TVCG.
He said that in the previous period, they showed that they were guided exclusively by their profession and that there is no mystique there.
"We know that the biggest problem is places where there are a lot of people in a small space, with non-compliance with measures. This was seen in the environment, at sports, political and other gatherings," said Mugoša.
NKT decided to adopt a package of measures for the municipalities where the situation is most acute, namely Bijelo Polje and Rozaje. According to Mugoša, these are measures that must be taken.
He said that Montenegro behaved well and controlled the virus for a while, but that after some time, irresponsible moves by individuals, the system was disrupted.
"Once the corona starts, it is difficult to control. And now we are trying to bring it under control as much as possible. Unfortunately, some measures that are not popular must be applied," Mugoša said.
Today is the 14th day of a new wave of the virus, and it is, in 98% of cases, similar when compared to the first, explains Mugoša.
"Twenty percent of patients who have been diagnosed with the virus are in hospital. I would estimate that it's not very naive. We have people who are on a respirator, which means that the virus does not show that it is different for now. We have to take action, which is dangerous with this virus is rapid spread ", warned Mugoša.
"We have to take care of the economy, because when you lock up, you make the work of the economy more difficult, which also affects the health of the population. We are now looking for balance," Mugoša said in the morning program of RTCG.

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