COVID-19 in Montenegro: 115 Active Cases, Update June 26, 2020

By , 26 Jun 2020, 12:22 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: 115 Active Cases, Update June 26, 2020 Illustration, Source: Institute of Public Health
Update 5.15 pm:  Another 15 cases of coronavirus were reported in Montenegro today. New cases are from Podgorica (5), Berane (4), Budva (3), Herceg Novi (2) and Tuzi (1), said Director of the Institute for Public Health, Dr Boban Mugoša. “We analyzed 304 samples and found 15 positive results. Epidemic research is underway”, Dr Mugoša said. There are currently 115 active coronavirus cases in MNE
June 26, 2020 - The laboratories of the Institute of Public Health have completed the analysis of another 94 samples since the last cross-section yesterday, 10 of which were COVID-19 positive. All contacts are previously confirmed cases.
Six new cases were registered in Rozaje and four in Budva.
There are currently 100 active cases of COVID-19 in Montenegro.

The number of COVID-19 cases by municipalities:

Rozaje: 41, 
Podgorica: 19, 
Bijelo Polje: 10, 
Budva: 9, Bar: 4, 
Berane: 4, Ulcinj: 3, 
Danilovgrad: 3, 
Cetinje: 2, 
Pljevlja: 2, 
Tuzi: 1, 
Kotor: 1, 
Gusinje : 1

Counter COVID-19 measures for Bijelo Polje

The National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases has adopted several temporary measures related to Bijelo Polje territory.
One of the measures is not to ban all gatherings in indoor and outdoor public places. Also, citizens cannot attend religious ceremonies.
There can be a maximum of two people in the vehicle (except family members).
"It is forbidden to move and keep more than two people in an open public place (except for members of the family household). Mandatory protective masks in both open and closed public places (except in residential buildings)."
The Government announced that NKT has decided to suspend activities of educational institutions that provide preschool education in Bijelo Polje.

Regular press conferences again.

NKT has decided to organize regular press conferences again on Friday, June 26. At the Institute of Public Health, press conferences will be held every working day at 5 pm and will be broadcast live on Television and the Vijesti portal. You can also follow the broadcasts on the Government's YouTube channel.

No new costs of donated funds

The XI Report on balance on the account and payments from the account of the Operational Headquarters for Grant Management was adopted.
Since the opening on March 19, 2020, EUR 8,035,850.90 and USD 75,971.72 have been paid into the NKT giro account from the country and abroad.
Total outflows NKT account in the indicated period amount to EUR 1,758,869.13.
The balance on the account on June 25, 2020, at 9.00 am is: 6,276,981.77 euros and 75,971.72 US dollars.

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