Kavaric: Alarming Trend in New Coronavirus Infections, Citizens Too Relaxed

By , 24 Jun 2020, 10:06 AM News
Kavaric: Alarming Trend in New Coronavirus Infections, Citizens Too Relaxed Dr Nebojsa Kavaric, Photo: PR Centre

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Many people are not respecting self-isolation, are coming to health centres, "and are probably moving around".

Appeals for people to act responsibly and protect the elderly.

June 23, 2020 - There is an alarming new trend in new coronavirus infections in Montenegro, said the Director of the Podgorica Health Centre, Nebojša Kavaric, and appealed to people to act responsibly, respect the prescribed measures, come to health centres only in case of emergency, and strictly respect self-isolation measures.

In an interview with the PR Centre, Kavaric said that, regardless of the very alarming data on the number of new coronavirus infections, people are completely relaxed.

"They do not keep their distance in cafes and restaurants, in taxis, in health institutions, etc.," said Kavaric.

Over three thousand people came to Podgorica Health Centre yesterday.

"They all went through the triage at the entrance. They came mostly with masks, but were not very happy when staff warned them to keep their distance. People must behave in a disciplined manner, come for a specifically scheduled examination and, after the examination, leave the health centre as soon as possible,” said Kavaric.

He appealed to all citizens to come to health centres throughout Montenegro only in case of urgent need.

“They should avoid travelling to a health centre and call for advice regarding any Covid symptoms, and after the consultation should call the Institute of Public Health - the numbers for the health centres are those that were active in the previous wave." In the Podgorica area, the  telephone numbers for patients with questions about any aspects related to Covid, are: 067 709 606, 067 709 607, 067 306 242, 067 066 342," stated Kavaric.

The Covid centre for adults in Tološi, he pointed out, is unfortunately working at full capacity, and the information hotline for anyone presenting known Covid symptoms, and who feels that they may have the infection, is 067 071 846.

"The phone number for the Covid Centre Zlatica for children is 067 709 608. If they have any symptoms, if they have someone in the family or among friends who they know is already being monitored or if they themselves are being monitored, it is mandatory that, when arrival at health centres, they report this to the Institute of Public Health.They should also report any order to self-isolate by the Health Sanitary Inspection, although we know that those who are in self-isolation should not go out," said Kavaric.

He pointed out that many people do not respect self-isolation, that they come to health centres, "and are probably moving around."

"We call on them to strictly respect self-isolation measures, because the sanctions are very severe. However, the sanctions are not the most important thing here, it is endangering other people’s lives that is the main problem, people who are not aware that they are even in danger. When arriving at all health centres, it is compulsory to wear masks, maintain physical distance and answer the epidemiological survey, which is required by law, at the checkpoint at the entrance to the health centre. Giving false information is a criminal offence, especially during the epidemic and extraordinary health circumstances,” said Kavaric.

As he said, three thousand people visited Podgorica Health Centre yesterday, and the same number asked for consultations by phone.

"A total of six thousand services were provided. There were about a thousand examinations by pediatricians and about 300 examinations by gynecologists. In Montenegro yesterday, about ten thousand patients went to health centres. That is a huge number, and there is a significant risk that, if we do not triage over the phone, the health institutions themselves will be transmitting the infection,” said Kavaric.

He hopes that people will closely follow the reports of the Institute of Public Health and check how many new infections there are every day.

"The recommendation from the health centres is to avoid any larger meetings or gatherings as much as possible. When we sit in a restaurant, with no distance maintained, the infection is easily transmitted. Regardless of the fact that movement between cities is allowed, it is recommended that we adhere to the prescribed measures as much as possible. My recommendation is to wear a mask in every enclosed space, outside your family,” said Kavaric.

He pointed out that there is an alarming new trend being seen in the number of new infections.

"The number of contacts we’re seeing is very significant. I appeal to people to get serious, to remember what happened in the previous period. We are again working on the same lines - protection of health and life, family members, citizens, especially vulnerable groups. I would appeal to everyone to protect the elderly. Last time there were no problems with nursing homes and the elderly population. "This time, they should not be the target group in which we see Covid infections appearing," said Kavaric.

He fears that, as things stand now, there will be huge pressure on available health facilities.

"The spread of the Covid infection is happening around us, it is not just in a neighbourhood, it is practically in every city, and the responsibility lies with all of us. Firstly with the healthcare system, which was immediately reorganized, but we now call on people themselves to reorganize and adapt to the new situation," said Kavaric.

In the new epidemiological situation, Podgorica Health Centre has telephone lines available for providing information and consultations in health facilities: Block V (020/481 911, 067 196 222, Patronaža: 067 192 666, 020 481 918, Laboratorija 067 073 913, 020 481 933 ), Stari Aerodrom (020 481 940, 067 194 666), Nova Varoš (020 481 977, 067 193 666), Stara Varoš (020 481 968, 067 196 333), Konik (020 607 120, 067 195 333), Zlatica (020 690 160, 067 197 222), Golubovci (020 603 310, 067 073 922).

The telephone numbers for psycho-social support are: 020 481 929 and 067 074 135, and the telephone number for patients who are already registered at the Mental Health Centre of the Podgorica Health Centre is 020 481 928.

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