NKT Announces Relaxing of Measures for Foreigners Entering the Country

By , 16 Jun 2020, 14:28 PM News
  Operational Headquarters formed for monitoring the epidemiological situation during the tourist season Operational Headquarters formed for monitoring the epidemiological situation during the tourist season Gov.me, S. Matić

June 16, 2020 - At a session on Monday night, chaired by its President Milutin Simović, the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NKT)  reaffirmed its strategic commitment to resolutely pursue a policy of opening Montenegro while maintaining an epidemiologically stable situation, and taking all necessary measures to preserve the health of Montenegrin citizens, foreigners living in the country and tourists, the Government of Montenegro announced.

In accordance with the needs of the domestic tourist economy and the strategic interest of the state, it was decided that the policy of opening Montenegro will be supplemented by new criteria to be proposed by the Institute of Public Health, and adopted by the NKT no later than Friday, 19th June. This will be done to also allow entry to Montenegro for foreign nationals who do not carry a high epidemiological risk.

"The NKT apprised itself of the working document from the Operational Headquarters for monitoring the epidemiological situation during the tourist season with the aim of ensuring that all state bodies and the tourism industry are fully ready for Montenegro to enter the new opening phase, while maintaining a stable epidemiological situation. The tasks for the Operational Headquarters are defining the rules, procedures and monitoring of entry into Montenegro, implementation of epidemiological surveillance and treatment of potentially ill guests, including safe transportation to their home countries," it was announced after the NKT session.


The Staff, headed by Institute of Public Health (IPH) epidemiologist Sanja Medenica, consists of the Director General of the Ministry of Health Vesna Miranović, State Secretary of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism Damir Davidović, and Director General of the Directorate for the Financial System and Improvement of the Business Environment under the Ministry of Finance, Bojana Bošković.

Members of the Staff also include Secretary of the Association of Tourism and Catering of the Chamber of Commerce Sanja Marković, Director of the National Tourist Organization Željka Radak Kukavičić, Director of the Health Insurance Fund Sead Čirgić, President of the Insurance Supervisory Agency Uroš Andrijašević, IPH epidemiologist Božidarka Rakočević and Head of Sanitary Inspection at the Administration for Inspection Affairs Višnja Orban.

"Illegal rallies held yesterday in several Montenegrin cities were analyzed at the session. The NKT once again calls on all competent bodies to swiftly and resolutely take measures within their competence and implement legislation," the statement reads.

At the same time, the NKT expressed its gratitude to the Republic of Slovenia for today's opening of their border to the citizens of Montenegro.


Source: RTCG

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