IPH Shortens List, No New Countries, Serbia Not Included

By , 13 Jun 2020, 13:53 PM News
IPH Shortens List, No New Countries, Serbia Not Included Institute of Public Health, Source: Vijesti Online
June 13, 2020 - According to the established dynamics, the Institute of Public Health (IPH) updated the list of countries whose citizens can enter Montenegro. This Friday, the list was shortened for several countries in which epidemiological conditions have worsened, and no new state has met the epidemiological criteria of Montenegro, so there are no new countries on the list. Thus, the arrival of Serbian citizens has not yet been approved, which is the cause of many recent harsh words and moves by officials of the two countries.
The IPH said that when updating the list, they paid particular attention to the issue of opening free passenger traffic with Serbia, considering the importance of cross-border cooperation and connection between the two countries with private, family, and economic relations.
"However, the decision not to include Serbia on the list of countries was influenced primarily by the unclear situation with epidemiological data, the choice of health institutions of the Republic of Serbia to remove thousands of infected people from the list infected by one act, the increase in the number of patients in recent days, thus an inevitable deterioration of the epidemiological situation. Together with this, one particular problem was the complete lack of response to the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro's timely and professional inquiry, which aimed to exchange epidemiological data and eliminate all doubts, "explained the IPH.
They said it was the only possible and correct way to relax the measures and meet both sides' interests.
"We are sure that it is clear to everyone that the Institute of Public Health is working exclusively to protect and improve the health of the citizens of Montenegro and their guests."
"Despite all the understandable impatience regarding the opening of borders with Serbia, such a move, without clear epidemiological support and evidence that would indicate that the opening of borders is possible without an acceptable risk to the health of all in Montenegro, is not possible at this time." The IPH explained. 

IPH removed five countries from the list

Five countries, Egypt, Haiti, Iraq, Israel, and Suriname, have been removed from the list of allowed arrivals and stays in Montenegro, as their epidemiological situation has deteriorated so that the rate of active cases in these countries is currently above 25 per 100,000 inhabitants.
"Following the previously determined dynamics, the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro performed an analysis of available epidemiological data and updated the list of countries from which arrival in Montenegro is not subject to special restrictions and public health measures," the IPH said.
This week's list will not be expanded because there were no countries that met the set criteria in the period since the last update.
The updated list will take effect on Monday, June 15.

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