COVID-19 in Montenegro: Almost Corona-Free, Update May 18, 2020

By , 18 May 2020, 22:46 PM News

May 18, 2020 - No new COVID-19 patients have been registered in Montenegro for 14 days. Since the last press conference of the situation, IJZ laboratories have completed the analysis of 93 samples, among which there were no new cases of coronavirus infection, the Institute of Public Health (IJZ) announced.

The total number of patients since the beginning of the events is 324, while 311 have recovered. Currently, four people are ill, two in Ulcinj and one in Gusinje and Bijelo Polje.


Public intercity transport established

After two months, rail transport and public city transport have been re-established in Montenegro.

Passengers must also wear a protective mask in public city transport, and hand disinfection will be mandatory at the entrance to the bus. From the Railway Transport, they say that they are ready to return to work obligations, and they expect a significant number of passengers in the coming days.

Opening of the Airport of Montenegro soon

The National Coordination Body (NCB) has decided on the forthcoming opening of the Airport of Montenegro for general aviation flights to and from Montenegro.
Appropriate instructions and orders will be issued tomorrow, the NKT announced.

The announced second degree of mitigation of temporary measures in sports began today

Indoor and outdoor activities that can be performed in groups are provided, with the possibility of splitting the team into smaller groups during the training, when possible, for more massive team sports.

It was decided that the third phase of mitigation of measures in sports, in which it will be possible to hold sports competitions without the presence of the audience, which was announced for June 1, will begin on May 30.

Over eight million were paid into the account for the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic

The government announced that more than eight million euros have been paid into the NKT account from the country and abroad in the last two months.
By May 18 at nine o'clock, 7,999,630.21 euros and 75,971.72 US dollars had been paid.

The total outflows from the account opened on March 19 to May 18 amount to 1,757,173.33 euros.

COVID-19 Crises: Montenegrin economy will contract by 8% due to heavy reliance on tourism

According to the latest forecast report of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW), the Montenegrin economy will contract by 8%, due to heavy reliance on tourism.

The report forecasts that the Montenegrin economy will strengthen by 5% next year.

Croatia is expected to face the most significant real GDP contraction (11%). Croatia is followed by Slovenia (9.5%), Slovakia (9%), and Montenegro (8%), reflecting these countries' particularly heavy reliance on external trade and tourism.
Economies of North Macedonia, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina are expected to contract by 5%, while Serbia's economy will experience a 4% contraction.
WIIW forecast that GDP will drop by 6% in Turkey and 7% in Russia.
Source: Vijesti Online, CDM

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