COVID-19 in Montenegro: Only 25 Still Infected, Update May 10, 2020

By , 10 May 2020, 19:39 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: Only 25 Still Infected, Update May 10, 2020 Illustration
May 10, 2020 - Since yesterday’s final count until 4.40 pm today, the Institute of Public Health (IJZ) analyzed 294 samples without any coming back positive for the coronavirus. The COVID-19 patient treated in Vienna unfortunately passed away, being the ninth coronavirus victim in Montenegro.
The number of infected persons since the beginning of the epidemic stands at 324, and the number of recoveries is 290. The number of active COVID-19 cases is currently 25 – 6 in Podgorica, 10 in Ulcinj, 3 in Bar, 3 in Gusinje, 1 in Plav, and 1 in Herceg Novi and Bijelo Polje each.

Institute proud: Despite thousands of processed samples, none of the employees infected

The coronavirus surprised the whole world, including Montenegro. However, the Institute of Public Health has reason to be proud. It considers it a great success that, despite thousands of samples taken and processed, none of its employees got infected. The director of the Center for Medical Microbiology at IJZ, Ljubica Teric, explains that within the Center, there are five separate wards and two joint wards, hiring 60 workers in total.

Intercity traffic starts tomorrow

According to the decision of the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases, from May 11, traffic with personal vehicles and public transport of passengers will be allowed, but within the region in the country. Montenegro is divided into three areas, and citizens will be able to move between municipalities in:
Coastal region: Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat, Budva, Bar, Ulcinj and Cetinje
Central region: Podgorica, Danilovgrad, Tuzi, Cetinje, Niksic, Savnik, Pluzine
Northern region: Pljevlja, Žabljak, BIjelo POlje, Berane, Mojkovac, Kolašin, Plav, Rožaje, Andrijevica, Petnica, Gusinje
Traffic is allowed with mandatory following the counter- COVID-19 measures, such as no more than two people in one vehicle.

Religious rites allowed as of tomorrow

According to the latest decision of the National Coordinating Body (NKT), religious rites in the religious facilities are allowed as of tomorrow. NKT emphasizes that everyone must adhere to the measures imposed to protect citizens’ health. According to the latest measures, there can be one person per 10m2, and a maximum of 20 people in front of a church. NKT also says that hand disinfection is obligatory when entering and leaving a religious facility and that the ban on gatherings is still in force. 
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