COVID-19 in Montenegro: No New Daily Cases, Update April 30, 2020

By , 30 Apr 2020, 20:37 PM News
April 30, 2020 - No new cases of COVID-19 infection have been registered in Montenegro today. In our country, a total of 322 people were infected with the coronavirus since the first reported cases on March 17. Seven people died, and 214 COVID-19 patients recovered. Of the 114 cases currently active, seven are hospitalized.

Anti-COVID-19 measures starting on Monday, May 4:

1. The employer is obliged to provide employees with the use of a protective mask and disinfectant and to ensure consistent compliance with measures by consumers, service users, and visitors.
One consumer per 10 m² is allowed in shops and markets, and a minimum of two meters is required. Wearing masks is mandatory in all confined spaces, and Plexiglas must separate checkpoints.
In handicrafts and services, in addition to the above, the obligation of hand disinfection applies.
Hairdressing and beauty salons are allowed to accommodate a maximum of one customer per ten square feet of workspace, with the requirement to place partitions between work chairs. When providing facial treatments, the beautician is required to wear a visor.
In fitness centers and gyms, one person per 10 m² is allowed, exceptionally two, with a minimum of 2m distance, and with disinfection of hands, the disinfection of the device after exercise is obligatory. Dental clinics work exclusively on an appointment, and the obligation to wear masks and hand disinfection is prescribed for libraries and museums.
In bookmakers and casinos, besides the requirement to disinfect the playing area after the game, everyone uses their pen.
A transparent screen between the employee and the user will also be installed at the counters of public institutions and banks, with the implied obligation to wear masks and hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit.
On the buses, it is obligatory to wear a protective cover, and only seating is allowed, and a maximum of two passengers in the back seat can take a taxi. Car rental agencies must disinfect the interior of the vehicle before and after each occupant
Home or farm owners in other municipalities may travel to their properties with a completed certificate downloaded from the Public Health Institute website.
Fishers and boat owners can go to the fishing/sailing location. They must carry a fishing/boating license.
What will mainly rejoice the citizens of Montenegro is the freedom to reside in public areas in the company of their family members. Family members can co-exist in open spaces with a minimum of 2m distance to other persons.
German Bild: Montenegro will be ready to welcome its guests once travel conditions are there
The National Tourism Organization (NTO) said that Bild, in an affirmative article, described Montenegro as a small country in the Adriatic, which this year gives hope for summer vacations and trips.
The author of the article, Marc Olivier Ruhle, emphasized the reasons why Montenegro should be included in the list of German tourists as a destination for the next trip, focusing on the health safety of tourists.
Ruhle writes that Montenegro is a country recording a small number of COVID-19 cases, working on guidelines that imply hygiene and other health protocols in hotels and restaurants, to be applied on-site for health and safety reasons for citizens and tourists who choose to visit her.
NTO Director Željka Radak Kukavicic said that in a time of high uncertainty over the coronavirus epidemic, Montenegro is one of the most effective countries in the pandemic response, according to analyzes by world health experts, precisely because it responded quickly.
"Despite the travel ban, the small Adriatic country is now giving us hope for a summer vacation in the south. According to Bild's information, Montenegro is fully launching its tourism infrastructure and will be ready for its guests," the text reads.
The article adds that most shops in Montenegro will be open from Monday, and hotels and restaurants will be open on May 18, while wearing masks in all confined spaces will be mandatory as a measure of health safety.
Bild recalls that Montenegro is a trend destination for Germans and that, when it comes to tourist arrivals from the German market, it recorded an increase of 82 percent last year, which recorded record results in tourism.

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