COVID-19 in Montenegro: 201 cases, Two Deaths, Update April 4, 2020

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COVID-19 in Montenegro: 201 cases, Two Deaths, Update April 4, 2020 Institute of Public Health statistics, screenshot
April 4, 2020 - The Institute for Public Health confirmed 27 more cases of COVID-19 infection today, bringing the number of patients in Montenegro to 201.
The Institute reports coronavirus test results twice a day. As of yesterday at 5.50 pm, until 8.50 this morning, 212 samples were analyzed, 23 of which were positive. Newly ill patients were registered in Podgorica (14), Niksic (3), and Bar (6). Most newcomers, they said, are contacts of previously known cases.
From this morning until 5.50 pm, 51 samples were analyzed, with four new patients positive for COVID-19. "All new patients are from Podgorica, three are contacts of previously known cases, while one is in the initial phase of epidemiological research and its contacts are being identified," according to the Institute of Public Health.
There are over 6,000 people under surveillance. So far, the virus is present in 11 Montenegrin cities, the capital, and Tuzi being most affected. A total of 237 health workers are in self-isolation.
Among the Government measures introduced to fight the spread of COVID-19, from today, citizens are not allowed to exit their houses on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 pm do 5 pm.

Number of COVID-19 patients by municipalities:

Podgorica: 95
Sad: 34
Niksic: 17
Bar: 18
Ulcinj: 9
Andrijevica: 7
Bijelo Polje: 6
Budva: 4
Herceg Novi: 6
Danilovgrad: 3
Tivat: 2

Police apprehend offenders of government measures to curb the COVID-19 epidemic

Montenegrin police regularly prosecute persons who violate government measures to curb the coronavirus epidemic and make their arrest public in the media.
Thus, on Friday night, two people were arrested and remanded in custody to a "guest" with a friend. According to a spokeswoman for the Podgorica Prosecutor's Office, Milica Mandic, they violated a temporary measure prohibiting the gathering in the apartment of persons who are not members of the household.
"The State Prosecutor heard two persons, ordered the detention for a maximum of 72 hours by a decision, and subsequently submitted the indictment and the motion for custody within the statutory time limit," Mandic said.
There were also six Budva detainees detained by police at a hotel in the city playing cards. They were held at the premises of the Budva police, and taken to the Kotor prosecution on Saturday on suspicion of committing the criminal offense of Failure to Comply with Health Regulations for the Suppression of a Dangerous Infectious Disease.
The offense is punishable by up to one year in prison.

Three police officers positive on COVID-19, 76 isolated

Three officers of the Police Directorate are COVID-19 positive, there are 73 in self-isolation, and three in quarantine, the Police Directorate said.
"The job of police officers is inherently risky, and in this situation, police officers are further exposed to the risk of virus coronas because they are one of the front line services in protecting the health of Montenegrin citizens," the statement said.
They request that their members carry out daily measures and actions within their jurisdiction to control compliance with the interim rules of the National Coordination Body to prevent the spread of the COVIOD-19.
“Police officers, who assist sanitary inspectors, are primarily equipped with protective masks, gloves, and suits. Other officers, who have daily contact with citizens, have been provided with the available quantities of protective equipment and the procurement of additional equipment is in progress, ”the Police Directorate concludes.

Red Cross helped 9.255 families to face the COVID-19 crisis

Ever since the coronavirus was confirmed in our country, the Red Cross of Montenegro has been very active in mitigating its consequences. It has been assisting the most vulnerable groups of society daily – they noted, adding that they have helped a total of 9.255 families and individuals so far.
They distributed basic care packages for 6.148 people, went shopping for 1.473 people who were advised not to leave their homes, and provided psycho-social support for 1.634 individuals.
 “We have engaged 450 volunteers, 100 of our employees, and 130 housekeepers in the fieldwork. They get over 1.000 calls and requests for assistance daily, “the Red Cross added.
The assistance is continuously provided in every municipality across the country, and they are trying to help as many socially vulnerable families and individuals as possible.
Committed donations to the COVID-19 response will continue to be shared via the Red Cross, so they urged all individuals and organizations to take part and thus help the most vulnerable citizens.

New contigent of medical equippment arrived last night

A plane carrying 17 tons of medical equipment worth about €2 million, purchased by the Government of Montenegro, landed in Podgorica airport last night.

More than a million protective masks, 20.000 medical suits, 15.000 safety goggles, 150 thermometers for rapid temperature measurement, 3.000 coronavirus swab tests and 20 digital ventilators are just a part of equipment the government has purchased, they have stated.

Chinese support to Montenegro fighting COVID-19 pandemic

Cooperation between China and Montenegro in battling COVID-16 has proved the friendship between the two countries, Chinese Ambassador to Montenegro, Liu Jinn, told in an interview for Dan, a daily.
“COVID-19 is spreading globally, thus endangering the lives and health of people in many countries, including Montenegro. After hard work and great sacrifice, the most critical and challenging phase of the epidemic ended in China. Therefore, we are fully aware of the seriousness of the situation in Montenegro, and we understand all the obstacles. From my point of view, the measures taken by Montenegro have been efficient, and I believe you are going to combat the epidemic, “Mr. Liu Jinn said.
Following the epidemic outbreak, China shared its experience for controlling it with other countries, including Montenegro, via the World Health Organization, the Ambassador noted.
“The Chinese Embassy and the Public Health Institute of Montenegro have set up a model of communication in late January, to share information timely and solve difficulties. “
He also underlined that after the first coronavirus case was recorded in MNE, the Chinese government decided to provide urgent assistance to Montenegro with 1.000 testing kits and medical equipment, such as face masks, ventilators, safety suits, goggles, etc. Testing kits arrived on 20 March.
“Having in mind that the whole world now is seeking for the medical equipment, the Government of Montenegro, in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy, has managed to procure a massive amount of the medical equipment from China. It has already landed from Beijing and will undoubtedly help a lot in the fight against COVID-19,“ the Chinese Ambassador to Montenegro noted regarding the latest procurement of medical and protective equipment delivered last night at the Podgorica airport.

Tourist Organization of Budva thinking of the after-corona time

Due to the existing circumstances caused by the novel coronavirus, the tourism industry of Budva is ready to align and change prices to be competitive in the market, Ms. Maja Liješević, head of the Budva Tourism Organization, announced.
According to her, Budva’s advertising campaign, from now on, will focus on online communication, primarily priority markets, and individual guests.
“Budva Tourism Organization, in collaboration with relevant national and municipal services and institutions, is carefully monitoring the current situation due to the coronavirus pandemic, both locally and globally, “she noted.
Sopurce: Government of Montenegro, Vijesti Online, Daily Dan, CDM
Even though the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic will reflect on tourism, our tourism industry is ready to respond once the situation stabilizes, Ms. Liješević concluded.

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