COVID-19 in Montenegro: 75 cases, one death, Update March 27, 2020

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COVID-19 in Montenegro: 75 cases, one death, Update March 27, 2020 Pixabay
March 27, 2020 - After one new case of COVID infection among 45 tested was confirmed this morning, the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro reported the analysis of another 57 samples today, with the outcome of the five new coronavirus cases. There are 75 infected persons in Montenegro right now. Around 6.278 persons are under sanitary watch, the Institute stated.
Five new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Andrijevica, all connected to the first coronavirus patient in that municipality, reported on Wednesday, March 25.
Epidemic situation in Montenegro is still alarming, and since there's no adequate cure or vaccine for this virus, the only way to overcome this problem is by maintaining social distance and staying at home, said director of the Institute for Public Health, Mr. Boban Mugoša, adding that the number of infected persons was increasing.
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President visited the Clinical Centre, from today safeguarded by the army

Montenegro's President, Mr. Milo Đukanović, visited Clinical Center today where he was welcomed by the director, Dr. Jevto Eraković and Crisis Medical Headquarters headed by Dr. Ranko Lazović. They acquainted the president with capacities of the Clinical Center for reception and treatment of patients infected with the coronavirus.
From today, the Armed Forces of Montenegro will be safeguarding Clinical Center. At the moment, all 14 COVID-19 patients treated in that institution are with stable vital parameters.

Balkan's Six Ask European Commission to allow medical equipment exports to Balkan countries

Chamber of Commerce Forum of the Western Balkan Six, including Montenegro, has asked the European Commission, in the wake of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, to exclude all countries of the Region from the decision to restrict medical equipment exports from the European Union, according to PKCG.
The letter, sent by Steering Board Chairman Marko Chadez to EC President Ursula von der Lien, urged that the European initiative "green corridors" cover the economies of the Region, which is for the benefit of both the EU and the Western Balkans.

WHO supports PM Duško Marković initiative for a conference on defense spread of COVID-19

The World Health Organization fully supports the effort of Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković to organize a regional meeting on the fight against coronavirus – WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge told the Montenegrin Prime Minister today.
PM Marković said, in a video conference, that Montenegro, as the country chairing the Central European Initiative, proposed holding a regional meeting.
"I already promoted this idea at a recent video conference of the Prime Ministers of the Region with the Chancellor of Austria and the EU Enlargement Commissioner. Montenegro has left ports open for use by countries in the Region for the transfer of goods. This is a moment to show solidarity and unity, because only in this way can we successfully overcome this danger. Furthermore, we express our readiness and the need to work together to promote social and economic policies in order to preserve the livelihood of our citizens and create the preconditions for the rapid recovery of the Montenegrin economy. I believe that, with the participation of other CEI countries, it would help to overcome the crisis in the economies of the countries of the Region and beyond," the Prime Minister said.
The WHO Regional Director for Europe offered expert and technical assistance from the World Health Organization in organizing a regional conference.
"Montenegro is a leader, and this is the right time for CEI countries to come together. Your country has shown solidarity, wisdom, and courage in proposing this initiative, and you should lead it," Hans Kluge said.

UNDP and UNICEF donation of equipment for quarantines

UNDP program and UNICEF have earmarked equipment for three quarantines. The material is worth over $42.000. It is part of the continuous support UNDP and UNICEF are providing for Montenegro to ensure adequate and duly response to the coronavirus pandemic.
"The equipment has been delivered. It encompasses furniture, air conditioning, devices and gadgets and other supplies necessary for establishment and functioning of quarantine", Ministry of Health said.
National Coordination Body and UN System in Montenegro have formed working groups that had already prepared an activity plan for the absorption of UN assistance.

In ten days more of 4 million euros donations to fight COVID-19

Samih Sawiris, the owner of Orascom development, which is building the tourist resort Luštica bay in Montenegro, donated half a million euros to the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases. 
In less than ten days after the opening of the National Coordination Body's account for donations, over EUR 4 million were collected.
To date, 896 companies and individuals within the country and overseas have donated € 4,275,477.44 and $ 42,000.00.
All funds deposited into the National Coordination Body's account will be spent transparently, following donor suggestions, and to support the system in the fight against the coronavirus impact, announced the Government of Montenegro.
Source: Vijesti Online, CDM, Government of Montenegro

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