Coronavirus in Montenegro: 14 cases, Epidemic Spreads, We Should Take It Seriously

By , 20 Mar 2020, 16:57 PM News
Coronavirus in Montenegro: 14 cases, Epidemic Spreads, We Should Take It Seriously The coronavirus epidemic is spreading, Photo by Boris Pejović, Vijesti

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March 20, 2020 - 14 confirmed cases if coronavirus in Montenegro. UPDATE 7 PM: Another coronavirus case confirmed in Montenegro, total rises to 14 Last night, the Institute of Public Health unveiled three more new cases of COVID-19, all in contact with the first registered patient infected with the new coronavirus. Previously, earlier yesterday, a new coronavirus was confirmed in two people, unrelated to those already diagnosed with COVID-19 infection. The total number of confirmed cases by last night is 13.
It indicates that the epidemic is spreading, said the director of the Institute, Boban Mugosa. "This indicates that we did not respect what was recommended - to keep social distance, to take care of ourselves and others. It speaks to our habits, which we must now forget, "Mugosa pointed out.
He said that recommendations and orders had to be obeyed. "The only way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic that would affect a lot of people in Montenegro is that everyone decides: I will stay home, protect myself, my family. I will keep the community, and I will defend society by obeying what experts tell me, by following the orders issued. All to prevent the spread of this disease, "said Mugosa.
There are 4,369 people under medical supervision who have been in the area with widespread coronavirus transmission for the past 14 days. Last night, the government announced new measures against the spread of coronavirus: prohibited the transport of more than two adults in the same vehicle, imposed maximum control on isolation decisions and criminal charges against offenders, and ordered the removal of garden equipment in front of restaurants and cafes.
Prime Minister Dusko Markovic yesterday said the government was not currently considering introducing a state of emergency. Since yesterday, members of the Army have been protecting facilities where quarantine measures are being implemented.

Open lines to help citizens 

The Red Cross, in cooperation with Telenor and with the support of other operators (Mtel, Telekom, and Telemach), has opened two free lines to support citizens - 069 19 44 75 and 069 19 44 76.
The Red Cross said the lines were active every day, except Sunday, between 9 am and 6 pm.
"As seniors, but also chronic patients and other vulnerable groups are advised to remain isolated, our volunteers throughout Montenegro will support them by purchasing basic supplies and other similar obligations. Those in need of such assistance should call the Red Cross organization in their municipality or number 069 19 44 75 to apply. We ask citizens not to abuse this support because of the limited resources we have, but to think of those who do not have help from family members, neighbors, and others," the statement read.
The Red Cross opens a line for psycho-social support for all citizens who feel anxious and difficult to endure in isolation.
"Citizens have the opportunity to receive information from psychologists about expected reactions, as well as recommendations for overcoming stress, by calling free number 069 19 44 76," they said.
The police yesterday formed a new electronic record with information on persons who were issued a measure of self-isolation. The system will make it easier for police in the field to control people and possibly prosecute them if they violate the rule.
The Health Insurance Fund has informed policyholders that, at the time of interim measures, dental health care at the primary level will only be performed in emergency medical conditions. Each dental clinic (which has a contract with the Fund) on their websites will have a telephone number on which insurers can call the dentist in case of emergency.

Donations for respirators and equipment are coming

Members of the Government will pay one-half of their salaries to the account of the National Coordination Body (NKT).
That body yesterday warned budget users that it was their responsibility to be responsible and save money, and not to consider donating money to cope with COVID-19.
"All others who want to help should donate donations to the single account 510-117161-85."
Councilors, deputies, and ministers from the Democratic Party of Socialists donated 20,000 euros to the Clinical Center, and Liberal Party MP Andrija Popovic 10,000 euros.
The Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce has deposited EUR 5,000 into the account opened by the Government of Montenegro to raise funds to combat the COVID-19 virus.
Azmont Investments donated € 20,000 to the National Coordination Team, while the Trebjesa Brewery of Niksic directed € 10,000 to the Clinical Center for the procurement of essential medical equipment.
Budva Municipality will donate a respirator to Kotor General Hospital worth 26,000 euros.
The company "July 13 - Plantaze" donated 20,000 liters of alcohol in the first tranche to Montenegrin health institutions.
More than € 115,000 has been donated to Bar General Hospital to fight coronavirus. The Municipality of Bar donated EUR 5,000 for the procurement of materials for medical staff - disinfectants, masks, gloves. The Port of Bar committed EUR 20,000 for medical equipment, and marina Bar has donated € 30,000 to the hospital for the purchase of an ultrasound machine.
Kabilj Kurti, the owner of the furniture factory "Kurti" Ulcinj, provided a donation of 20 beds with mattresses. The head of the regional unit of the Bar Real Estate Administration Marjan Kovacevic decided to pay this month's salary for the needs of the hospital and patients.
The public marine management company has decided to donate € 20,000 to the National Coronavirus Coordination Team, as has the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services.

Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs provides their hotel for quarantine

At the proposal of the Municipality of Budva, supported by the Embassy of Serbia in Montenegro and Ambassador Vladimir Bozovic, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic decided to make the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs' hotel in Becici available to the Municipality of Budva for temporary quarantine.
It was reported to Vijesti by the Serbian Embassy. Bozovic also said that the Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs had expressed its readiness to organize that the planes of Montenegro Airlines taking Montenegrin citizens from cities and destinations of Europe also take Serbian citizens. 
Marko Bertanjoli, managing director of Euroinvest, which manages the Eurofond investment fund, confirmed to Vijesti that after today's meeting with Cetinje Mayor Aleksandar Kascelan, they have outsourced the Grand Hotel to Crisis Headquarters to combat coronaviruses, accommodate medical staff and the needs of patients, should it happen needed.

Another Niksic woman making masks for free

Mirjana Djukanovic, running "Diana" sniper shop, intended to close it because of the Covid 19 virus, but she and her husband Dragan changed their mind and sewed protective masks for free yesterday.
"Our daughter works at a pharmacy, so we did about thirty masks for Montefarm, and we made six masks for the Internal Division, where my sister works. We did masks for both friends and people who contacted us. All, of course, free of charge, because it is our small contribution to this situation, "said Dragan, who, as he said, was only helping his wife. 

Medical alcohol importers exempted from excise duty

The Ministry of Finance announced yesterday that medical alcohol importers are now exempt from excise duty on the product. This measure is valid until revoked.
The price of a liter of medical alcohol, depending on the percentage, was up to 26 euros in pharmacies. Excise duty per liter of alcohol from New Year's has increased from 12.5 to 15 euros.
As the excise tax base is calculated, excise duties also accounted for two-thirds of the retail price.

Perovic: When the crisis comes, we understand each other perfectly

The church stands at the disposal of the state with all its capacities; there are plenty of young people who come forward to help, the soup kitchens work. The rector of Cetinje Theology Gojko Perovic said yesterday:
"We are ready to make available our buildings and facilities, if necessary. We do not give the lives of our loved ones, we are at disposal here, all of us believers have elderly people in families, and I repeat the call to believers to follow all the instructions of the authorities. We cannot agree on the law, but when the crisis comes, we understand each other perfectly."

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