Yacht Fire Extinguished, Crew Member Sustains First-Degree Burns

By , 05 Sep 2019, 12:21 PM News
Yacht destroyed by fire Yacht destroyed by fire Boka News

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At 08:55 this morning, a call was received by a Tivat Protection and Rescue Service dispatcher from Tivat Police Security Division regarding a fire onboard a vessel in the Bay of Tivat.

The local emergency crew, as well as a team from Porto Montenegro with fireboat “Jovana” and speedboats attended the scene. A full service of 7 vehicles responded to the incident.

Both fireboat “Jovana” and dinghies were involved in extinguishing the fire, and at the same time the vessel was brought safely to a predetermined location at the shore, where emergency vehicles from Tivat were waiting to localise the fire.

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Yacht fire - Tivat fire crew after the incident. Photo: Boka News


The fire on the ten-metre yacht was brought under control around 10 am, and forty-five minutes later they were still at the scene, due to the possibility of hidden fires on board.

One crew member from the vessel received first-degree burns, and was immediately brought from the boat to the shore by an emergency team from Porto Montenegro, where he was further assisted by an ambulance crew from Tivat - states the Tivat Emergency Services.

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