Removal of Cottages at Mouth of the Bojana River

By , 11 Oct 2018, 12:13 PM News

October 11, 2018 - Beginning Monday, 15 October, 17 facilities are to be removed from the so-called "Red Zone" at the mouth of the Bojana River in Ulcinj.

On Monday, the removal of illegally erected facilities will begin on the banks of the River Bojana, confirmed the Public Enterprise "Sea Good".

They plan to demolish 17 houses from the so-called "Red zone". Sea Good reported that all the objects that were placed without permission, including all the objects in the red zone, were reported to the relevant inspection services and that most of the removal decisions were made.

The catalog from 2016 to this year provides for red, orange and green zones.

The 'Red zone' is marked with the belt at the very mouth of the Bojana River. In that part, two years ago, there were about 30 montage facilities, while there are now 17. The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism (MORT) on that part of the coast planned drainage works related to the extension of the mouth of the river.

Orange is the zone marked on the right bank of the river Bojana and it is planned that the remaining 35 buildings will be removed by 2020.

Green zones are marked with larger areas, but Sea Good explained that this does not mean that everywhere within the belt the construction is allowed.

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