"Niagara Falls" in Podgorica Dried Up

By , 16 Aug 2018, 20:33 PM News
"Niagara Falls" in Podgorica Dried Up Copyrights: Anadolu Agency

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16 August 2018 - The waterfall Niagara Falls, which during most of the year is rich in large quantities of water from the Cijevna River, dried up at the beginning of this month.

One of the most famous tourist locations in Podgorica, the popular "Niagara Falls", due to the great drought and high temperatures that took place in Podgorica in August, was left completely without water. The waterfall, which for the most part is rich in large quantities of water from the Cijevna River, dried up earlier this month, reports the Anadolu Agency (AA).

The Niagara Falls, as a rule, every summer, at the end of July or early August, depending on whether it is raining, remains completely waterless. This is the case even this year, although the drying up compared to the past years came a little later.

The canyon of the river, which leads to the waterfall, has water in its basin because the previous night there was heavy rain. Visitors here enjoyed viewing the plates this morning, of which the waterfall was built. Many visitors are taking pictures of the dry river canyon, just below from where the water drops down.

The Cijevna canyon, which leads to the Niagara Falls, is one of the largest botanical sites in Europe, and along the river, there are numerous sandy beaches. This canyon offers many opportunities for canoeing, kayaking, alpinism and sports fishing.

The Niagara Falls is four kilometers away from the center of Podgorica. This tourist place is visited by a few thousand people annually. It was built about 150 years ago, with the intention of launching a mill for grinding grain. Over time, it became a favorite holiday destination, for both Podgorica’s locals and numerous tourists. In the vicinity of the waterfall, there are several beaches, a restaurant, as well as many places to rest.

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