Energy Observer in Kotor Bay

By , 29 Jun 2018, 16:10 PM News
Energy Observer in Kotor Bay Energy Observer FB

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June 29, 2018 - A unique navy creature, the Energy Observer, is in the Boka Bay for a day on the way from Albania to Venice within its Mediterranean tour.

Energy Observer is the first self-sufficient energy vessel with zero greenhouse gas emissions or fine particles. Launched in 2017, the unique vessel is powered by hydrogen and renewable energies, thanks to energy coupling. The boat stores hydrogen using seawater thanks to an energy mix involving 3 types of solar panels spreading over a surface of 130 square meters (21 kW peak), 2 vertical axis wind turbines (2 x 1 kW), 1 traction kite and 2 reversible electric motors (2x41 kW) of hydrogenation plus 1 lithium battery (106 kWh), 1 desalinisator, 1 electrolyser, 1 compressor and 1 fuel cell (22 kW).

Built in Canada in 1983 by the naval architect Nigel Irens, under the supervision of the navigator Mike Birth, it is a maxi-catamaran which has left its mark on the evolution of multi-hull boats. Originally 24.38 meters long, it has been lengthened four times and today measures 30.5 meters long by 12.80 meters wide. Now more than a boat, the Energy Observer is a model for energy networks of the future: digitized, decarbonized and decentralized.

Last summer, the Energy Observer started its 6-year journey which includes 50 countries and over 100 stopovers. They stopped in Kotor bay for a day on their way to the island of Certosa, the Venice region, where from the 6 to 15 of July, the boat will be open for free visits with educational purposes.

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