Mogren City Cafeteria Completely Renovated

By , 26 Jun 2018, 06:24 AM News
Katarina Kaženegra, Budvanska Rivijera CEO Katarina Kaženegra, Budvanska Rivijera CEO

June 26, 2018 - In many cities across former Yugoslavia, City Cafeteria (Gradska Kafana) was and still is one of the main informal institutions of social life. The cafeteria in hotel Mogren in Budva is the spot where people met, came to discuss local and global politics, hear the newest gossip, and is a place where Budvans go to meet their friends and relatives.



The hotel with the cafeteria was built in 1934, and since then, there has been no place that has ever threatened its status as the city main cafe. After WWII, it became the part of the big hotel group. The hotel was completely rebuilt after the great earthquake of 1979 and since then was only renovated once when it was leased to the private owner.

Budvanska Rivijera Hotel Group took the hotel back in 2015 and started refurbishing it.

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With the concert of the Croatian klapa Cambi, the renovated Mogren cafeteria opened last night. CEO of Budvanska Rivijera Hotel Group, Mrs. Katarina Kažanegra, told RTV Budva that she believes that the Mogren cafeteria will continue to be one of the most important places of the city social life.

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