Children Injured in Dog Attacks in Budva

By , 22 Jun 2018, 11:34 AM News
Children Injured in Dog Attacks in Budva Mirror

June 22, 2018 - In just a week, three children between 5 and 12 years old were attacked and injured by stray dogs in Budva.


Official statistics show that in the last two years, 160 animal attacks have been recorded in Budva, of which 45% is by pet dogs, 15% stray dogs and 18% cats.

Specialist of epidemiology dr. Vesna Milutinović emphasized that it is very important to contact the doctor immediately for every bite.

"The wound should be immediately washed with soap and water, not alcohol, in order to reduce the infectious dose and the possibility of inflammatory disease. Each bite and injury requires sterilization and antibiotic therapy," Milutinovic told TV Budva, adding that this is the most severe case, and immunization can cost up to 2,000 euros for adults.

Summer is the most common time of the year when attacks happen.

"Great heat affects all of us, even animals. Approaching an unknown dog, touching, tugging, tailing, or dragging can lead to attacks," Milutinovic said.

Budva has an asylum for stray dogs but its work has been often criticized by the local NGO Arka for mismanagement and neglecting the animals.

Source: RT Budva

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