Bear Kills Horse in Pljevlja

By , 11 Jun 2018, 22:33 PM News

June 11, 2018 - In the village of Potkovac, a bear entered the local family yard and attacked their horse.

"The horse was about fifty feet from the house. At the moment when the bear attacked him, he was eating. This was probably the reason why he did not notice that the bear approached him," said the horse owner.

According to the assumptions, the bear probably wounded the horse immediately, then managed to pull the injured animal several hundred meters from the village houses, after which he killed him and buried it in the ground.

The local Hunting Society said that they had taken all steps to protect the bear since bears are protected animals in Montenegro. So hunters set up cameras where the bear buried the killed horse.

"The camera recorded how the bear came during the night to eat the remains of a horse. If someone happened to try to kill the bears illegally, the camera would have recorded it, and the person who participated in the criminal act would have been punished," said the president of the Hunting Club Pljevlja, Slavko Kovačević.

He states that they understand that many farmers suffer the damage from the wild animals, but they are obliged to do more to protect their animals.

Source: RTV Pljevlja

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