Dragan Radulović: True Friend of Montenegrin Children

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Dragan Radulović Dragan Radulović

The true friend of Montenegrin kids, a poet, and TV journalist that taught us about all the "little big" heroes of Montenegro. In 2013, eleven years after his death, a street in Podgorica was named after him.

"We are not from here", "Shattered shoes", "Planet of the child", "Do not tell this to anyone", "What will we do with us", "Boys with the Wings", "Butterfly on the asphalt", "I want to go home", "A boy with green wings", are just some of the many books published by the famous poet.

The late poet Radulović lives with his works through numerous generations that grew up with his creativity and will last through the generations to come.

Dragan Radulovic was born on May 1, 1951, in Niksic. He died on February 7, 2002, in Podgorica. He wrote poetry for children, edited television shows for the youngest, and organized music and literary festivals for children and youth. Apart from literary and television work, photography and painting were among his hobbies.

His documentaries for children "Big Trouble of Little Boris", "Ljubica Ljubičica", "Bitter Candies", "Cradle", and numerous other stories from the cycle "The Little Bigs", were awarded both domestic and international recognition.

The most important awards awarded to him were the Zmaj Award for outstanding creative contribution to modern expression in children's literature, 1992, the 13th award for the highest achievements in the field of culture and art, 1993, September 18, Nikšić Liberation Award for Extraordinary Advancement and Results in the field of literary creativity, Ratković Prize, 19 December, Titograd Liberation Award for best achievement in the field of art, 1988. The UNICEF Prize was awarded to him in 1996.

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