Tanja Bakić on "World Poem Days”

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Tanja Bakić Tanja Bakić foto: Vijesti.me

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The festival will gather artists from all over the world who will talk about the relations of language and society, read poetry, and more. Bakić is the only artist from Montenegro at this festival.

Montenegrin poet Tanja Bakić is the only Montenegrin participant at the festival "World Day(s) of Poetry", which is held in Belgrade. The festival starts on Wednesday, lasts until March 24th, and is organized by the Belgrade Cultural Center. During the festival, the audience will be able to attend poetry readings, conversations, various performances, film screenings, and visit the international exhibition "Poetry and Performance: Eastern European Perspective ", which is open until March 29 at the Podrum Gallery, reports Vijesti on March 19, 2018.

The "World Day(s) of Poetry" festival gathers authors from around the world and Serbia, bringing novelties from literary and cultural scenes of Europe and the world to Belgrade. In addition to the author's reading of songs, in a classic but also unconventional way, the festival emphasizes the productivity of the collaboration of poetry and other media. This year's edition is dedicated to the theme of the relationship between language and society, through examples of the collaboration of poetry, performance and short film," the organizers said.

Bakić will read lyrics along with Lidija Dimkoska, Vlad Martek, Laslo Blašković, Ana Ristović, Katalin Ladik, Tomislav Marinković, Slobodan Tišma, Adis Basić and others in the segment "Listening to Poetry". She will also participate in the roundtable "Poetry in Action", which will be held on Thursday at noon.

"With this conversation, there will be questions about the relation of modern poetry to radical poetic practices; about poetry as a performing practice, that is, poetry as a way of intervention in the public space, which calls into question the dominant system of values. There will be words about connections, but also about the present barriers in the field of literary cooperation in the region, as well as the ideological instrumentalization of the language," the organizers said.

Short films based on poetry come from the Berlin House of Poetry and from the festival "Zebra Poetry Film International Berlin / Minster", and are collected from around the world. Also, the festival enables students of the Belgrade gymnasiums interested in literature and writing that, apart from the festival, and in their schools, hang around and talk to poets.

Among other participants of this event are the Italian authors Sara Ventroni and Gian Mario Vilatt, the Austrian-German group "Nacista and Goldsmiths", Marion Pošman and Tomas Volfhart, director of the Berlin House of Poetry, Tomaš Glanc and Zabine Henzgen, Slavic, writer Goran Gocić, and many others...

 This article was translated from an article by Jelena Kontić on Vijesti.me: Tanja Bakić on „World Poems Days”

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