Looking for the Best Restaurants in Podgorica?

By , 21 Apr 2018, 18:24 PM Lifestyle
Looking for the Best Restaurants in Podgorica? Pixabay

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A look at the best restaurants in Podgorica on April 21, 2018.

GoodFellas Pizzeria

Address: Vucedolska 15

This restaurant mostly serves fast food, and it is known for their authentic American food cuisine. Here you can eat meals including burgers, fried chicken, pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and more. The thing that makes this fast food restaurant different from the others is the way their sauces taste. GoodFellas has many different sauces to choose from varying on their ingredients, thus providing unique tastes, flavors and experiences. Also, the cheese they use is different from any others in Podgorica, and so is the dough. At GoodFellas, you can drink both soda and fruit juices, as well as draft beer. They also offer delivery which comes to just 1 EUR, regardless of your location, so long as you are in Podgorica.

Editor’s choice: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Cosak (eng. “Corner”)

Address: Balsiceva 51

Cosak is a cozy place with an 'at-home' atmosphere. It is an old pizzeria, widely known among local people for its priganice - which is basically fried dough. This meal is a part of Montenegro’s national cuisine, and if you are going to give it a try, there is no better place than Cosak. Priganice is often eaten in combination with cheese or honey, but you can choose to mix it with Nutella or even add smoked meat. This place also offers drinks and refreshments such as natural made juices. This restaurant's menu includes items such as pizzas and pancakes, but if you are not going for priganice, make sure you try italijanske minjoni, which is a type of fried dough filled with sour cream, meat, cheese and ketchup.

Editor’s choice: Priganice or Italijanski minjoni

Pilsner Urquell Pivnica

Address: Marka Miljanova 61

Pilsner Urquell Pivnica is a beerhouse that serves globally recognized draft beers such as Kozel and Pilsner Urquell, while mostly providing a variety of menu items that feature meat. They offer different kinds of sausages, including spicy and non-spicy, chicken wings, meat sandwiches, and pizzas, and if you are going to visit this restaurant, their sausages are a must. They are often served with french fries which makes a world of difference. 

Editor’s choice: Beer pizza (with sausage on top)

Bucko (eng. “Fatty”) pie house

Address: Radosava Burica 290

Alongside priganice, one of the standard Montenegrin eats would be burek. This meal is widely accepted among local people, and it is often eaten for breakfast. Usually, it is combined with yoghurt, and it comes with either cheese, minced meat or spinach. People have been creative lately, and it is not unusual to see a burek with chicken, potatoes, mushrooms or even fruit. This type food varies from shop to shop, including variations in size, cheese, and meat, or the methods of preparing it. Burek comes as cheap as 1 EUR almost everywhere it is offered. We recommend Bucko food store because they have unique cheese tastes, though you cannot go wrong having it anywhere. 

Editor’s choice: Burek with cheese and yoghurt

Pod Volat

Address: Trg Vojvode Becira Osmanagica 1

Pod Volat is a national restaurant focusing their food and atmosphere on Turkish cuisine. They offer many national meals and their menu includes meat, salads, local draft beer and Turkish brewed coffee. This restaurant makes excellent cevapi, which is a type of Turkish kebab - and something you must order here. If you want the whole experience, I suggest doing the following: First order the brewed coffee which comes with or without sugar. After you drink the coffee, order cevapi with french fries and garlic (optional), and try some homemade bread. Do not forget the local draft beer! This is our typical Montenegrin meal.

Editor’s choice: Cevapi and local draft beer

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