Painter and Sculptor Nikola Radonjić Speaks About his Artwork, Exhibition in Budva

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Nikola Radonjić Nikola Radonjić foto: private archive

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Painter and sculptor Nikola Radonjić spoke about his exhibition in Budva and the motifs and recognizable technique that represents him.

The young Montenegrin academic painter and sculptor Nikola Radonjić was presented in Budva last month, and for his exhibition, selected 16 works with his recognizable technique and relief on polyester. Unusual methods are what distinguishes his creativity, reports Vijesti on April 2, 2018.

"The works that were exhibited in Budva are part of my first creative cycle called "Thronecommon and these are mostly relief compositions that represent certain psychic states. In this first cycle, I mainly dealt with some internal struggles between animal and conscious rational. When I look at them from a distance in time, they reflect my conditions from that period and the thinking of my relationship in existence, the purposes of existence, the role in it, and other logical questions that a self-conscious man asks himself," he said to Vijesti.

The not so conventional technique - a relief embedded in polyester - is fascinating because he says it allows him to "smoothly express and convey the desired idea without major technical constraints."

"A relief as a technique is essentially demanding and complicated, but with years of work I have come up with some useful innovations that make it easier for me to finish the work. The greatest pleasure is when I am modeling the relief because at that stage you are a witness and creator of an immaterial idea that is born and becomes material - kind of like a little miracle. At that stage, all those essential things are happening that are related to creative work," he said, adding that after this process, the technical phase follows, and then another one where you need to approach the work in a painting mode.

Radonjić's reliefs are often reminiscent of the ancient periods of creation, but also of the Renaissance, which he admits is delicate.

"I can freely say that the foundation of my stature has been built and directed by the influence of Ancient Greece and the Renaissance because it feels like this is the beginning of a new era that promises. I never copied antique works, I never had this common need, but the inspiration for my work was so strong that it could not be hidden. Later, my art story developed and took on the form of something completely different, which is a step that can develop into a new story again," he explains.

This kind of artistic expression has attracted him especially since he thinks it is "still unexplored territory".

"Reliefs have been used throughout history as a medium for certain propaganda, representing historical events or glorifying a determined ideology, starting from Sumer of Mesopotamia, Old Egypt, Greece, Rome, Christianity to striking socialist works. Relief modern art was given the metaphysical line by Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro, who found his inspiration in clay letters, which I am personally delighted with, as well as with his other works. I found my place by presenting psychological states that are, of course, abstract, but present them with certain symbols of original compositions that describe something that takes place inside a man," said Radonjić.

In addition to the antique that inspired Radonjić, he emphasizes that inspiration, as a feeling and concept, always exists inside him.

"Inspiration comes alone. I think artists are born with the fact that their inspiration or the need to create them comes cyclically, and we only creatively determine the ones fed by information and events that take place around us. Many works of art, music, film, and literature carry something very suggestive in themselves because they were born under the influence of inspiration, and that is one of the unclear mysteries still today," says Radonjić, adding that spheres are the main and only motive in his new cycle of works presented in Montenegrin galleries.

"The Spheres" by Nikola Radonjić

"Spheres symbolize the most subtle forms of consciousness simply as inspiration, which I defined and presented in the symbol of the sphere with its wings and made certain relief compositions from that first symbol. These relief compositions represent something invisible with feelings in a world with its order and laws that unintentionally affect us," he said.

Besides being a sculptor, Radonjić is also into drawing and emphasizes that drawing considers the purest form of artistic expression as far as the transfer of ideas is concerned.

"I would make a comparison - what is poetry in the literary - and that is drawing in fine arts," Radonjić said, adding that he highly values those drawings (as well as the verses) that come out of a spontaneous moment of inspiration.

Although he has had several solo exhibitions so far, Radonjić says it is very difficult to stand out among the younger Montenegrin artists, and all those who actively create have a developed art story that is recognizable. Nevertheless, he points out that artists often can’t live from their creativity.

"It's tough for young artists who do not have a permanent monthly income. They are constantly in a dilemma with themselves about whether it is worth trying and persisting in their artistic story. I have already gone too deep into the artistic calling, so I could not live a normal life without creating my artworks. It is necessary to do more creative things and projects to make money," Radonjić said.

Radonjić plans to present an exhibition of his latest works "Dance of Flying Spheres" in as many Montenegrin galleries and towns as possible, and he also hopes for success in competitions in our country and abroad.

 This article was translated from an article by Jelena Kontić on Mental conditions in polyester relief

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