Primary School Students from Bijelo Polje Find Wallet with 200 EU, Return to Owner

By , 21 Mar 2018, 14:22 PM Lifestyle
Primary School Students from Bijelo Polje Find Wallet with 200 EU, Return to Owner foto:

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Pupils in the ninth grade of the Elementary School Pavle Žižić from the village Njegnjevo, Mirsad Hodžić and Vildan Ljuca showed, with their example, that honesty, goodness and family education still exist. Without thinking, they returned a lost wallet to the owner which had 200 euro.

The two of them found a wallet at 13:15 earlier this week on the street leading from the city, through Rašovo and Strojtanica, towards Gubavač and Bistrica, reports CdM on March 21, 2018.

"We saw a wallet on the street and then saw that there was 200 euro and documents in the name of Esma Halilović. We did not know who that person was, so we asked a neighbor Amela Drpljanin, who lives nearby if she knew more about who she is. Luckily, the neighbor said she knew her and that she will take the wallet to her. We gave her the wallet right away," the boys said.

The owner of the wallet, Esma Halilović, said she did not notice that her wallet was missing.

"These little ones showed that they were well-educated and honest. I guess my wallet fell when I got out of the taxi. Immediately after the boys took the wallet to Amela, she called me and told me what happened. Nothing was missing from the wallet. I thank them for that," said Halilović, inviting the boys to contact her in order to personally thank them.

At school, they say this was a logical move and that these two boys gave an example primarily to other students with their gesture, but also to other fellow citizens.

This article was translated from an article on Primary school students from Bijelo Polje found a wallet with 200 euros, returned it to the owner

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