"Orjen, Mountain of the Sea”: Excursionists Visited the Village of Ubli

By , 20 Mar 2018, 18:05 PM Lifestyle
Returning from Ubli Returning from Ubli foto: AGENCIJA ZA RAZVOJ I ZAŠTITU ORJENA

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Next weekend, the plan is to visit another important underdeveloped village, Kruševice.

Within the joint program "Orjen, the mountain of the sea", about 70 excursionists visited the village of Ubli last weekend, an essential, eternal point for the economic strength of the Boka hinterland, reports Vijesti on March 13, 2018.

In the center of Ubli, in Zabrežje, hard working housekeepers prepared the food, while the rest experimented in an old field with rare wooden boules. They also familiarized themselves with Ubli's current tourist facilities and plans for their improvement.

The local community plans to organize smaller paths leading from the sea to the village, as well as the routes to enter deeper into Orjen, into the area of Ubaljska planina. This will create the initial conditions for the development of active tourism, of course, with the necessity of previously resolve the city landfill with garbage, still located in the broader surrounding of the village.

"The renewed church of St. Ilija, on the peak of the same name with a great view of Boka Bay, with an access path and forest shade, is an example of the successful valorization of the beauty and sights of this region. Therefore, we visited it on this occasion too, enjoying the dramatic shifts of the clouds and unforgettable open views," announced the Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen.

"We hope that this event additionally draws the attention of the public to see the need for designing and developing new programs for the development and consolidation of life in Ubli, a village that forms an integral part of the area of this unique hinterland. After all, pointing to the importance and value of the hinterland and encouraging the visit is also the point of the joint program, which includes an increasing number of subjects every year, the Agency said, which together with NGO Eko Boka organized the visit to the village of Ubli.

Next weekend, the plan is to visit another essential underdeveloped village, Kruševice, and the traditional alpine dairy farm Vučji do.

 This article was translated from an article by Slavica Kosić on Vijesti.me: „Orjen, Mountain of the Sea”: Excursionists visited the village of Ubli

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