Regional Hospital to Ensure Development of Hospital Service in Boka

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Regional Hospital to Ensure Development of Hospital Service in Boka Dr. Ivan Ilic, Director of Kotor General Hospital, Copyright: Boka News
November 28, 2019 - The idea of ​​building a regional hospital for patients from the Boka area is increasingly gaining public attention. In the interview for Radio Kotor, Director of Kotor General Hospital, Dr. Ivan Ilic pointed out that recently, the Ministry of Health has shown considerable interest in paying particular attention to this topic.
"The fact is that the state should address this investment. I recently received a message from the minister that the plan to build a regional hospital would be part of the strategic budget for next year. I do not know how possible this realization is at the moment, but it is certainly of utmost importance the information I've received recently," said Dr. Ilic.
He reminded that Prime Minister Dusko Markovic was also introduced to the idea.
"Combining the staff and equipment of all three hospitals in the Kotor municipality in one place is the only strategy that guarantees the quality development of the hospital service in the area of Boka," said Dr. Ilic.
According to Ilic, the Municipality of Kotor has recently offered assistance in the realization of this significant project.
 "I had a meeting with the mayor Željko Aprcović, who promised wholehearted assistance. It would be realistic for a regional hospital to be located near an industrial zone in the Kotor area. This would bring the fastest growing cities in the region, such as Budva and Tivat, within a few kilometers, and the arrival of patients from Herceg Novi could be solved by ferry, sea transport, or ambulance," says Dr. Ilic.
It is, he said, a significant investment that is certainly not easy to secure. "However, when it comes to combining staff and equipment - this story should be our future, and that's why I try to update it whenever possible in public," said Dr. Ilic.
Ilic recalls that there are ways to secure funds from some investment banks and the European Development Fund. "After all - the sites where the General Hospital and the Special Hospital for Psychiatry are located are attractive and have a price that can be part of the investment capital for the construction of a new hospital," said Dr. Ilic.
Kotor General Hospital, to which gravitates about 80,000 potential patients from the Boka region, as well as a large number of visitors, has a space problem. "We work hard, but we have no more space. These are not the conditions that a modern hospital in this century should have," said Dr. Ilic.
The Kotor General Hospital employs a total of 231 people. "Among them, there are 47 doctors, 13 of whom are in the specialization, 124 are nurses and technicians. We also hire medical staff under a contract, without which it would also be challenging to function." Dr. Ilic said, recalling that the new systematization provides employment opportunities for staff, but also that the institution's annual budget "cannot cover the costs necessary for new hires."
"With the current budget, we can barely meet all the obligations, considering the current headcount. Nevertheless, we are recognized as an institution that functions very rationally. But the question is how long it can work in these conditions. We have to wait for the budget for the coming year, which, if increased, would allow us new employment. So far, things are working with the enthusiasm of the employees, but strengthening the staff structure is essential," concluded Dr. Ilić, a guest on the Radio Kotor program.
Source: Radio Kotor

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