Anima Marks International Day for Eliminating Violence Against Women

By , 24 Nov 2019, 19:51 PM Lifestyle
Anima Marks International Day for Eliminating Violence Against Women Anima Center for Women's and Peace Education- Performans at Army Square, Copyright: Anima
November 24, 2019 - The Center for Women's and Peace Education Anima is organizing a performance called "We Don't Give Our Lives for Your Dirty Jobs" on Monday, November 25th, at noon at the Arms Square in Kotor. The performance aims at drawing attention to the pervasive violence against women in social reality.
By marking the International Day for Eliminating Violence Against Women begins a campaign that, in our country and around the world, points to the pervasive violence against women, as well as the activities that states (do not) undertake to reduce violence, announced Anima.
"Our Government, Parliament, and institutions are unaccountable for violence against women; they do not implement the adopted declarations, resolutions, and action plans. They insist on relativizing all types of violence against women, respecting somewhat only what is happening in the family. Institutional abuse is silent, and only a few examples indicate the depth of the problem.
Factors that contribute to violence against women are increasingly visible and present in social reality: poverty, exploitation, impunity of crimes, captured institutions, and the militarization of society with the usual, even normalized, corruption, crime, and fear. All this supported by nationalist ideologies and substantiated by the so-called patriotic struggles and deceptions make women in the most difficult situation since the start of EU accession negotiations. The actions of the women's political network on the increase of women in parliament are caricature and cynical.
Extremely concerned about the development of the political crisis and the consequences it may have on women's lives, Anima activists are calling on all women to claim their rights and avoid aligning with existing political actors." Anima Center for Women's and Peace Education said in a statement.

Violence against women in Montenegro: As many as 20 percents of women have experienced violence after the age of 15

According to a survey conducted by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) with partners in Montenegro in 2018, most women in our country are concerned about violence. One in five women has experienced physical or sexual abuse after the age of 15.
The study on violence against women, presented to the Parliament of Montenegro in July this year, shows that violence against women affects women of all ages, from every income group and every area in the country. The survey further revealed that shame, fear of retaliation by the perpetrator, and distrust of the services were the reason for not reporting the violence.

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