Major Storm Devastated One of Most Elite Beaches in Montenegro

By , 20 Nov 2019, 13:04 PM Lifestyle
Beach Galija Beach Galija

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Beach “Galija”, located on St. Stefan in Budva and considered to be one of the most exclusive on the Montenegrin coast, has been hit for the second time in the last half-year by a severe weather storm, which has caused enormous damage.


Damages is over € 100,000

“Galija's” executive director, Nikola Novakovic, said the damage was estimated at more than 100,000 euros. He added that many owners of beaches on the Montenegrin coast are in a similar situation.

"Most importantly, no one was hurt. We tried to save some of the inventory, but unfortunately, we failed. The damage is huge," Novakovic said.


Devastated Beach bar

As he points out, this is the second time in the last six months that such an accident has hit them, and the fifth one in the last few years.

"The enormous amount of hard work and effort, as well as the huge financial resources that have been invested in making the beach one of the most elite, both in Budva and on the entire Montenegrin coast, has been destroyed. I hope that the Municipality of Budva and JP Morsko dobro will support us and that there is an emergency fund for situations, such as this one," Novakovic points out.


New toilets destroyed

He adds that the damage will be repaired and that next season, their guests will be greeted as they are used to and how they deserve.

"It will take a long time for the damage caused to be adequately repaired and the beach returned to its original condition. We were unable to secure the inventory, because the insurance companies do not insure the facilities near the sea, and I hope that the state will support not only me but everyone who is affected by this storm, "he concludes.

Although the most popular beach in Budva is almost destroyed, Novakovic assures all fans of Galija who express their concern these days that they will do their best to enable them to enjoy this ambience next season with the same quality as before.


"Galija" destroyed for the second time in the last half-year

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