Hotel Regent Christmas Bazaar in December

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Christmas Bazaar in the Hotel Regent Christmas Bazaar in the Hotel Regent

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The sixth Regent Christmas Bazaar will be held on two weekends in December (14th and 15th | 21st and 22nd December) from 2 to 4 pm under the arcades of the Gourmet Corner Restaurant.

The management of the Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro invites all interested creatives, small producers, art workshops and enthusiasts to apply for participation in the festive Bazaar by November 26 by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"The application should include a brief description of the product, a brief description of the provider's previous work and one to five product photos, or a web site presentation of the product. The hotel management reserves the right to choose the optimal provider to be selected for product quality and creativity of visual identity. To determine the quality of the product, the management will also invite the selected bidders to submit the product samples for inspection within the application deadline. Applications must be submitted by November 26, and selected bidders will be informed of participation by December 3, 2019," said Zeljko Knezovic, Food and Beverage Manager at the hotel Regent.

The categories to choose from are jewelry, Christmas and New Year decorations, olive oil, olive and olive products, local gastronomic products (syrups, jams, sweets), handicrafts, and souvenirs and decorative accessories created in the spirit of the Christmas.

The food festival will be held on December 14 on the terrace of the Gourmet Corner restaurant and in case of rain on the terrace of the Murano restaurant from 12 to 4 pm hours within which will be presented the food and beverage sector of the Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro with holiday delicacies: traditional Christmas cakes, pizzas, warm chocolate, boiled wine, boiled brandy with honey, tea and other hot drinks. The food and beverage sector will also offer salty delicacies such as sausages, and homemade pasta served with Gran Padano cheese and fried winkles, which will give a gastronomic dimension to this year's start of the Christmas Bazaar. The live band will add a musical dimension to the first day of Regent's winter tradition and mark the beginning of the Giveaway period.

The Christmas Bazaar is an ideal opportunity to socialize towards the upcoming holidays and for everyone who wants it, to find a unique and interesting gift for their loved ones, to have fun and enjoy the magic of holidays on the Tivat coast.

Text by Dragan Popadic, on November 17th, 2019, read more at Radio Tivat

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