First-grade Gastronomy Students Prepared Traditional "Priganice" for Podgorica Citizens

By , 11 Nov 2019, 13:22 PM Lifestyle
 “Days of Priganica” “Days of Priganica” School "Sergije Stanic"

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“Priganice” with honey, cheese and various salty and sweet fillings were found on the stands in the lobby of the Delta City shopping center after two days of preparation. Hard-working first-grade students of the Secondary and Higher Education School “Sergije Stanic” from Podgorica prepared and arranged and then offered the traditional Montenegrin dish to their fellow citizens.

Gastronomy student Andjela Vlaisavljevic told "Vijesti" that the manifestation “Days of Priganica” is an attempt to restore tradition to Montenegrin homes.


“Days of Priganica” (Photo: School "Sergije Stanic")

“We all know that priganice is an old Montenegrin delicious dish. Many students participated in the preparation of priganice and the event itself," said one student.


“Days of Priganica” (Photo: School "Sergije Stanic")

For visitors to the mall, students prepared classic priganice with honey and cheese, as well as with delicious sauces. Vlaisavljevic said that she would single out two fillings that the citizens should try - ajvar and pesto Genovese, with the addition of sour cream.


“Days of Priganica” (Photo: School "Sergije Stanic")

Student Vanja Milosevic said the entire I-6 class was involved in the preparation. He is interested in cooking as he believes that this interest will be appreciated in the future when finding the job.

School spokeswoman Zorica Milickovic said that the event wanted to raise awareness among citizens that tradition is something to be cherished.


“Days of Priganica” (Photo: School "Sergije Stanic")

Now is the time of celebration, the holiday season is approaching, so we want to say that in all Montenegrin homes priganice should be served at the table as a welcome dish," said Milickovic. She said that they sought to connect traditional and modern cuisine and that the students, along with the teachers of the culinary subjects’ group, participated in the entire organization of the event.


“Days of Priganica” (Photo: School "Sergije Stanic")

“We deliberately included the first-grade students, the younger category, in this event. In this way, we open numerous events that we will organize by the end of December, we are preparing for Days of Podgorica, Entrepreneurship Days, Holidays, we will have the opportunity to treat fellow citizens with many other dishes and other activities, that we are preparing for them, ”said Milickovic.

Text by Ana Komatina, on November 10th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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