Gas Leakage Stopped, Schools Open Per Schedule

By , 05 Nov 2019, 09:28 AM Lifestyle
Gas leakage in schools stopped Gas leakage in schools stopped Radio Tivat

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After about 3pm in the afternoon it was reported that there was gas in the air at the High school “Mladost” and Elementary School “Drago Milovic”, as well as Knightsbridge school. The firefighters were there until 7.30 pm monitoring the situation after closing the valve. According to firefighter commander Zoran Barbic, all gas valves and atmospheric ducts were flushed with water before and after being checked with a gas detector.

It was stated that the situation was normal and that there was no reason to worry or to be on duty. In the morning, the Ministry of Education will send a licensed representative to fix the valves and service the plant.

Schools point out that the situation is regular, that there is no reason to worry, so schools will continue to operate tomorrow as scheduled. The evacuation of students from the international school, the interruption of the basketball game, and the closure of the street were done for security reasons only.

Tet by S.L., on November 4th 2019, read more at Radio Tivat

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