Montenegro Dolphin Research Announces Beach Cleanup this Weekend

By , 04 Nov 2019, 18:20 PM Lifestyle

November 4, 2019 - A message from Montenegro Dolphin Research:

Montenegro Dolphin Research is a project working in Bar to research and protect dolphins in the Southern Adriatic Sea. Since 2016, we’ve been conducting land- and boat-based surveys in order to monitor dolphin populations in Montenegrin waters. By establishing a knowledge base of distribution patterns, encounter rates and residency patterns of bottlenose and striped dolphins we aim to accumulate enough data to be able to define a plan to ensure that the dolphins can be better protected in the future. 

Sadly, these beautiful animals are classified as at-risk or data deficient and face a range of threats such as habitat degradation, prey depletion, by-catch (when they get tangled up in large fishing nets), vessel traffic and pollution.   

So far, we’ve conducted more than 500 land surveys and over 100 boat surveys, but there’s still more that we can do!  

A huge part of our project involves working with the fantastic local community here in Bar to raise awareness of the threats to Montenegro’s dolphins, and to encourage everyone to get involved and protect the country’s beautiful coastline. Through public awareness campaigns, community days and school presentations we hope to engage as many people as possible with our conservation efforts. 

This week, on Saturday 9th November, we’re hosting a community beach clean. This will be a fantastic opportunity to take part in some direct conservation, clearing the beach of litter and plastic pollution and enjoying a morning in the fresh air!  Please come along to Kraljevska Plaza at 10 am on Saturday to say hello and make a real difference to Montenegro’s dolphins!

You can find the event details here

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