Fan in Vrmac Tunnel Knocked down by Truck Carrying an Excavator

By , 29 Oct 2019, 13:39 PM Lifestyle
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The fan in the Vrmac tunnel fell on the roadway after it was hooked by a backhoe truck carrying a dredge, Dusan Kokic from the Transport Directorate told on TVCG Morning Program.

We remind that a fan fell on the road in the tunnel Vrmac a week ago, and luckily it ended without serious consequences.

"The fall of the fan happened at about 11 pm on Sunday, as a lorry with a trailer carrying an excavator was passing through the tunnel. The problem is that the vehicle was 4.6 meters high, which is oversized and needed a permit to pass, not only through tunnels, but in general on the Montenegrin road network,” said Kokic.

He said that the vehicle had passed the ramp up to 4.5 meters in height in front of the tunnel because it is the maximum limit for the passage of vehicles.

"But the control ramp is not continuous, and it has holes that can be passed through. This vehicle passed and after hitting the fan, the vehicle stopped after about 150 meters. An inspection was carried out. In the meantime, as this was being inspected, a bus passed by, which further hit a blown fan and then it fell onto the lane," Kokic points out.

He claims that the incident was due to improper traffic of a truck carrying an excavator.


Tunnel Vrmac – fan on the road, photo - Podgorica Vremeplov

"The driver committed a misdemeanor because he did not seek the necessary license. The damage was done because the fan is not usable, and its price is 12 to 15 thousand euros," Kokic said, stating that further treatment of the driver is the responsibility of the prosecution.

He explained that the technical control of the tunnels in Montenegro was entrusted to the company Strabag, i.e., Crnagoraput.

“A new tender was announced, and the same company got a job for the next four-year period. Their obligations are, in particular, for Vrmac and other tunnel networks to inspect, clean lighting, electrical cabinets, substations, evacuation corridors, proper ventilation, check carbon monoxide sensors, check fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers,” he said.

Text by Boka News, on October 29th, 2019, read more at Boka News

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