Creative Center Tivat: One Lives Well from Art, Love, and Good Energy!

By , 27 Oct 2019, 11:56 AM Lifestyle
Creative Center Tivat: One Lives Well from Art, Love, and Good Energy! From the Exhibition Organized by the Creative Center Tivat, Photo by Antonela Stjepcevic
October 27, 2019 - The paintings we had the opportunity to see on Friday at an exhibition held at the Regatta Cafe in Tivat were painted by participants of free workshops held within the project "Women's Social Entrepreneurship in Culture". In addition to the extraordinary series of paintings titled "Sold out", signed by Iva G. Celanovic, also the leader of the painting and drawing workshops, the Tivat Creative Center president, and the exhibition organizer the Regatta Cafe, was filled with many "handmade" jewelry made of natural materials as such as stone and clay.
Vesna Sindik, Head of the Weaving Workshop, presented her artistic creations in the form of handbags and bags, scarves, and ponchos. Still, besides her, with her creative achievements, the participants of her workshops were rightly praised, and we were able to see and the exhibition wallets and cases for mobile phones.
"We did an exhibition of creative participants as part of a project called 'Women's Social Entrepreneurship in Culture.' Why 'female'? Because women, they became proactive. We have taken the initiative, and we are ready to present it to the public," Iva G. Celanovic said in her opening address and added:
"The essential goal is to move and change some things in the community slowly. We want to emphasize once again that we all need space, creative, both for artistic creativity and association and for expression.
We believe that what we are doing and what we all can share in perspective is worth, in a broad sense, to the broader community. To be around the exchange of some new energies, topics, and missions that touch us all together and not arrive, at this time, to dedicate ourselves and consider exhibitions of this type to be the ideal place.
It would be best if we had some exhibit space so that we could organize exhibitions more often."
According to Iva G. Celanovic, she and her colleagues Vesna Sindik and Tatjana Radonic, the head of the workshop for painting stone and other natural materials, may have been present at the first exhibition.
"It is only a month and a half to two days behind us with our program participants. We also believe that our goal is for the next five exhibitions to take over and to be the new entrepreneurial forces. What we certainly expect, we expect your support, and we expect some good energy."
When asked why the Regatta, Iva stated that the Regatta for one, Tivat, since she is a Tivat woman, grew up there and decided to stay there and live, and is a woman of choice.
"The project brought together a large number of women who have recognized this opportunity immediately. I believe and wish that as many local women as possible understand this chance for themselves. Altogether, it is no longer just about women, but also about the wider community. We have to advocate somehow for our cultural and social spaces, without which we have remained in the meantime. I think we will all be left without that unless we take a stand.
Here, let's say that this exhibition is our first initial attitude and impulse. We have something in the meantime, of which one may not live in that financial sense, but one lives out of love, one lives out of good energy, one lives out of art. We are ready to share this with you in the next five months."
Iva went on to refer to the current initiative for the former Mar-Mar: "It is a space that was created as a classroom, and subsequently as a school, and served in the meantime for the informal programs of the Mar-Mar Cafe Gallery. We are working on this right now. We believe that this initiative we have launched will be supported by a broader community that recognizes this place as our chance. We hope to be there in perspective, as well as in the Regatta. Thank you again and welcome, "are the words by which Iva G. Celanovic closed the opening presentation and also opened an exhibition held under the ReLOaD program.

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