Summer Temperatures in October, Ideal for Swimming

By , 24 Oct 2019, 12:50 PM Lifestyle
Summer Temperatures in October, Ideal for Swimming Pixabay

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Nice weather with summer temperatures in October will last until the end of the week, and this October 21st was the warmest since measurements were made, said the meteorologist Dusan Pavicevic.

"28 degrees Celsius was measured, respectively. Including October 22nd, we had 16 days in Podgorica this month with temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius in the capital. When the temperature exceeds 25 degrees, those days are counted as summer, and it is interesting that all those 16 days, the mercury in the thermometer also exceeded 26 Celsius," Pavicevic said.

He said 29.2 degrees were measured in the capital on Tuesday, which is the second warmest that day since measurements were made.

"The warmest October 22nd in Podgorica is from 2004 when 29.8 degrees Celsius was measured," he said.

Pavicevic explained that the average maximum temperature for October this year is 26 degrees Celsius, so it is likely to break the record from October of 2001 when it was 26.2.

He stated that in October 2001, the temperature in Podgorica was measured over 25 degrees for 23 days.

"So that record probably won't be broken this year," Pavicevic said.

He said that northern Montenegro recorded unusually higher temperatures in October than the average.

The weather in the south of the country is also nice, with temperatures as high as 28 degrees Celsius. So, with a sea temperature of 22 to 23 degrees, it is ideal for swimming," Pavicevic said.

The meteorologist said the nice weather would last until the end of the week, with a slight drop in temperature next week.

"Temperatures will be above normal throughout this week. There may be conditions for rain next week," Pavicevic said.

According to the current forecasts, there should not be large quantities of rain.

Winter hours begin on Sunday

The wintertime calculation starts on Sunday and will last until the last weekend in March next year.

On Sunday, October 27, at 3 am, the hands on the clock will be turned back one hour.

On March 4th, the European Parliament declared that the clock settings would be abolished from 2021 so that all EU countries would have to choose summer or wintertime.

It has been suggested that the change of time on the last Sunday in March 2021 should be the last one for the EU countries opting for the summer calculating time.

Text by Borko Zdero, on October 23rd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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