Students Seeking Exemption from Paying Tuition Fees at University

By , 23 Oct 2019, 13:33 PM Lifestyle
Petition for non paying tuition fees at the faculty Petition for non paying tuition fees at the faculty Boris Pejovic

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Over 1,000 students have signed a petition demanding an exception from paying the tuition fees at all faculties and all levels of study, with a request for a refund to all students who have paid tuition in this and the previous academic year, as well as to cover the cost of accommodation in the student’s dormitory and transportation.

They submitted the petition to the Student Parliament (SP) of the University of Montenegro.

"As it is certain that the petition will be signed in the coming days, it is certain that this number will be far higher, which confirms that this issue is of utmost importance to the students," added SP.

They state that they expect the Ministry of Education to consider the student's requests.

"We are of the opinion that there are justifiable reasons, which are stated in the petition, for which concrete measures should be taken and the official position of the line ministry should be sought," they concluded.

Text by Vijesti online on October 22nd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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