Regent Hosted Private Luxury Forum: Montenegro is a Hot Luxury Destination!

By , 21 Oct 2019, 14:21 PM Lifestyle
Regent Hosted Private Luxury Forum: Montenegro is a Hot Luxury Destination! Regent Porto Montenegro Hosted Private Luxury Forum, Copyright: Regent Porto Montenegro
October 21, 2019 - The Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel in Tivat hosted the prestigious three-day Private Luxury Forum, completed yesterday. The Forum was attended by 100 representatives and 85 agents from the elite segment of the tourism industry, mostly from Europe, but also worldwide.
"We consider Montenegro a newly discovered exciting destination and one that our clients, namely tour operators, tourist and concierge agencies, could not resist. When we decided to hold this event in Montenegro, the interest and demand for participation in the Forum were beyond our expectations. We have not experienced this demand so far. Montenegro was the right choice for the destination," said Emily Brooks, Sales Director of Private Luxury Forum.
Brooks emphasized the excellent reception and service at Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro. "We cannot praise the level of service sufficiently. It's great when you have an environment like this where you work and enjoy your food, beautiful wines, and sunset. Everyone is delighted because many have not been to Montenegro so far. It is a new and exciting destination, and this was an opportunity for participants to experience both the hospitality and the whole experience. It is a great chance for all of them and Montenegro, and all the feedback is extremely positive," Brooks explained.
General Manager of the Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro Kai Dieckmann pointed out that with the Forum, they created 160 Montenegrin ambassadors who will talk about sun, food and sincere hospitality in the world, which will undoubtedly result in an increase in quality tourism in the future. "This event is of the utmost importance for Montenegro. We have the essential tourism partners in the world right here, which enhances the destination when we keep in mind that this is one of the most prestigious Forums when it comes to the luxury tourism segment."
Montenegro has been working on tourism development for a long time, and the arrival of Porto Montenegro was a symbol of the new development of Montenegrin tourism, said State Secretary at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism Damir Davidovic. He pointed out that projects worth over 3 billion euros are being realized in the circle of 50 km and that some of the world's most influential brands are coming.
"The organizers estimate that the effect of this event will be an income of an additional $7.2 million over the three years of Montenegrin tourism." Davidovic is convinced that cooperation with renowned tourism companies and the paying power of their clientele will make a significant contribution to Montenegrin tourism. "What is particularly significant is that through their operation, the global visibility of Montenegro as an elite tourist destination will increase," Davidovic said.
Adriatic Marinas PR Manager Danilo Kalezic pointed out that all the participants agreed Montenegro is the right destination for private luxury travel.
"We are talking about people traveling on fine journeys, single travelers, who are willing to pay what it takes to find a particular location. The participants spent their time in Boka- Kotor, Lustica, and Tivat during the Forum, from which they have excellent impressions. We are looking forward to the fact that many of them will return and sell what they learned here about Montenegro to third parties and their clients later," Kalezic said.
Regent Porto Montenegro organized the first Private Luxury Forum in Montenegro in partnership with Porto Montenegro, the National Tourism Organization, The Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel, Tivat Municipality, Talas M Agency and Yellow Events.

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