Delta City Shopping Mall Parking Free on Sundays

By , 17 Oct 2019, 18:52 PM Lifestyle
Delta City Shopping Mall Parking Free on Sundays Copyrights: Delta City Shopping Mall

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17 October 2019 - Starting from 20 October, Delta City shopping mall will not be charging for parking on Sundays. Delta City representatives said that the mall would be working according to the established schedule when the new provisions start to apply, except that boutiques will be closed.

"Facilities that will be working on Sunday are the cinema, hospitality facilities, mobile operators, playground, flower shop, banks, dry-cleaning service, beauty salon, pharmacy, and other services. On Sunday, parking will be free of charge," the statement said, writes Cafe del Montenegro.

Parking tickets started in August and it was necessary due to scores of cars and the boost of settlements near the shopping mall.

"The decision to charge for parking is aimed at providing enough space for parking. On weekends, the area around Delta is jammed with buses from the coast and Albania. Settlements nearby spread at a great speed," said Delta City representatives earlier.

The first 30 minutes are free of charge whereas one hour of parking costs 0,40 EUR. For parking services, shopping mall employees pay 30 EUR per month.

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