Five Million Euros for Video Surveillance of Cities

By , 15 Oct 2019, 15:13 PM Lifestyle
Illegally installed cameras in Niksic Illegally installed cameras in Niksic Boris Pejović

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The Ministry of Interior will spend close to five million euros to cover cities with video surveillance.

The tender documentation, in addition to the cities being covered, does not specify how many cameras are required or their technical characteristics.

"The part of the tender documentation relating to the technical characteristics or specifications of the subject matter of the public procurement shall contain classified information ... and a statement by the authorized person of the interested person that he will take over part of the tender documentation to be kept and protected in accordance with the Law on Classified Information," it is stated in the tender.

A month ago, “Vijesti” reported that the Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information had given its consent to Mevludin Nuhodzic’s department to set up cameras over public areas in Podgorica, Bar, Budva, and Cetinje.


Nuhodžić (Photo: Savo Prelević)

The Agency's council agreed to set up cameras in four cities at its session on August 12th. The decision states that the period of use and storage of data is 30 days and that the exempted videos are used until the completion of criminal or misdemeanor proceedings, after which they are kept for three years for the offenders, the perpetrators of the offense for one year, for the wanted persons, until they are found.

The decision also stated that “personal data contained in the said records, or videos, are stored electronically on the servers at the premises of the MOI Data Center, which was declared as a safe zone”.

The MOI has agreed to display notices at video surveillance locations prominently.

The cameras, according to the tender available on the Public Procurement Portal, should be installed within one year from the date of contract conclusion.

When it comes to up to five million euros, it is stipulated that half of the contracted price should be paid in advance, within five days of signing the contract and submitting an advance guarantee, and the remaining part within 15 days of submission of the invoice, which must be verified by MOI.


The camera on a pole at 6th Montenegrin Brigade Street in Niksic (Photo: Boris Pejovic)

The subject procurement involves the preparation of design documentation, delivery, installation, connection, commissioning of equipment at the required locations and training users.

The guarantee period is at least one year and starts from the date of commissioning the equipment and signing the handover protocol, which must be verified by the Ministry of Interior and the bidder.

The Ministry of Interior is obliged to provide all the conditions for the delivery and installation of the technical protection system, which implies the provision of all site conditions (use of existing infrastructure-construction structures for the installation of equipment where possible, telecommunication and energy) as well as all necessary permits.

The cameras have been illegally placed in Kotor and Niksic, as stated by “Vijesti” several times.

More than three years ago, Vijesti found that the mafia was taking records of Kotor with cameras set up at numerous locations. Since then, video surveillance has been removed and reinstalled several times after the first actions of the AZLP, the police and the prosecution. During the summer, the authorities found that most of the "new" cameras in Kotor had not been installed in accordance with the law, but only one they do not know who is responsible for - it is installed on the lighting pole in front of the tunnel Vrmac.

When it comes to Niksic, the prosecution is investigating who has installed cameras at multiple locations (streets Nikola Tesla, Jole Piletic, Voja Deretic).

Text by Milos Rudovic, on October 15th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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